Tuesday’s Taco- Los Muchachos Hermosa Beach

Los Muchachos Inside and OutLos Muchachos is a tiny, unpretentious, beachy Mexican restaurant on Pier Avenue in Hermosa Beach.  There are only 15 seats in the entire place; two small tables plus 11 seats at the counter.  If you eat there on Tuesday they have a $2.00 taco special. Sadly, they don’t serve Al Pastor tacos, so I chose Carnitas and Carne Asada.

Ultra Close Meat Cam

When my tacos came with a giant pile of lettuce on top, I wasn’t sure how to photograph them for you, so I did my best investigative reporting and scraped the lettuce to the side and took close-ups of the meat as well as the onion, cilantro, pico de gallo and guacamole that come standard in these tacos.   Once you get past all the lettuce, the tacos are good.  I think the chunks of carne asada were a bit more tender and juicy than the shredded carnitas.  Unfortunately, the onions were just a bit past their prime.

Los Muchachos Chips

Los Muchachos also has heavenly Horchata and giant tasty lard free tortilla chips.  I like that I get to break them into whatever size I want to dip in their tasty salsa.

I like Los Muchachos.  It’s good.  But it certainly isn’t the greatest Mexican restaurant in the South Bay. In Hermosa Beach, where everything is way overpriced and too fancy for its own good, it’s nice to be able to get a decent taco at a decent price.

Horchata- 2.25

Carnitas or Carne Asada taco 4.25

On Monday; buy one get one free

On Tuesday tacos are $ 2.00

Los Muchachos– 118 Pier Ave in Hermosa Beach   (Just East of Hermosa Ave)

Don’t forget to bring quarters to pay the meter = 1.25 per hour

La Estrella, Panchos, Normas,


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