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In order to celebrate the launch of their new 2012 TL Model, Acura hosted an event at Siren Studios last Tuesday. In partnership with CBS and Zagat, there were passed hors d’oeuvres from local chefs John Rivera Sedlar (Rivera and Playa), Kuniko Yagi (Comme Ca), and Waylynn Lucas (Fonuts). We love Fonuts, especially the pumpkin ones.

Cocktails were provided by Temple Brewing Company’s Allan Katz & Danielle Crouch (Cana Rum Bar). At one bar I ordered a “manly drink” and was served a vodka, cranberry and OJ with a very clean vodka. The cocktail of the evening was a tall refreshing drink called “Ain’t Misbehavin'” with Three-chili-infused Moon Mountain vodka, roasted pineapple syrup, fresh lime, cilantro and fizz.

John Sedlar is one of my favorite chefs and favorite people. He wowed the crowd with his signature corn flan topped with black quinoa. The flan is so comforting and hearty, beautifully presented in a hibiscus-dyed corn husk. I miss the tortillas florales, but if he had to make a new specialty, this one is worth it. Other passed hors d’ouvres were duck confit tacos, and gazpacho two ways.

I was super excited to spot Chef Kuniko Yagi in the kitchen, as she produced one of my favorite bites ever at an Angelino event a few years ago — seared foie gras with mochi and tiny miniature strawberries. This time around she presented a deconstructed salad with a deviled quail egg. I never really saw the point of quail eggs before; they were just there to be precious. But the deviled quail egg sold me.

Even better, she had made a foie gras mousse with a black cherry gelee and chopped pistachios for texture. Chef Yagi managed to pack so much flavor into the gelee the mousse needed only the tiniest of diced bits.

I told Chef Sedlar, “Isn’t that amazing? How the mousse lingers on the back of your palate, around here (I made a circular gesture towards the back right of my jaw) and the black cherry lingers right around here? (I gestured at the front left side of my face).”

He stared at me.

“Or is that just my mouth?”

“I think that’s just your mouth.”

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