Indonesian Punks Detained: All I Wanted was a Pepsi

Can you imagine if this had happened to you after a Black Flag riot? According to te Assocated Press, Punk kids in Seulawah, Indonesia had ther mohawks shaved off and were sent to a detention camp for 10 days of rehabilitation to march under the blazing sun.

Sixty-five young punk rockers arrived at this police detention center last week after baton-weiling police crashed a concert in Aceh — the only province in this predominantly Muslim nation of 240 million to have imposed Islamic laws.

They will be released Friday, after having completed 10 days of “rehabilitation,” from classes on good behavior and religion to military-style drills aimed at instilling discipline.

Punks in Jakarta are holding rallies and publicly shaving their own mohawks in protest. Even in the camp, the rebellious detainees throw their fists in the air and yell “Punk will never die!”

Photo by Mikhail Teguh Pribadi va Flickr 

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