Buy Cookies for Equality!

A group who shall remain nameless lest I give them anymore free publicity, has posted a video with a young girl calling upon Girl Scouts to stop selling cookies. It was only the probability that the child is a pawn forced to be a mouthpiece for a hate group with an agenda that kept this post from being titled, “Fuck you, little girl!”

According to CNN,

The video was prompted by the case of Bobby Montoya, whose mother told a CNN affiliate in October that a troop leader initially told her that Bobby couldn’t join the troop because Bobby “has boy parts,” even though her child identifies as a girl.

The Girl Scouts of Colorado blamed the initial decision to exclude the child on ignorance of the scouts’ policy. The state scouts said Bobby was welcome to join Girl Scouts. “If a child identifies as a girl and the child’s family presents her as a girl, Girl Scouts of Colorado welcomes her as a Girl Scout,” said the Colorado Girl Scouts, in a statement to a CNN affiliate.

Remember, as the Girl Scouts of America say, “Every cookie has a purpose…” I suggest readers go out and buy as many cookies as you can afford. Donate extras to The Los Angeles Gay and Lesbian Center, which has youth programs that provide food and other services to LGBT youth. Any Thin Mints remaining after that may be dropped off at the offices of The LA Beat.

Photo by Marit and Toomas Hinnoosaar via Flickr

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