Punk Rock Museum Opening

Written by Dave Travis

The Punk Rock Museum had its grand opening on Saturday, January 14, 2012. Tequila Mockingbird is the curator, she said that it has been something she has been working on since 1980 and now it has finally come into physical reality. The museum features works by Ed Colver, David Worth, Brian Tucker, Flipside and more. Louis Elovitz screened his old punk videos and Nubbs did the sound. Landfill, Hari Kari, and RF7 performed. The Gears were supposed to headline but the police shut things down for the evening. It was a great evening of Music, Photography, Art, and friends. Taquila said they will try to have more events there in the future and that the museum is open Tuesday through Saturday for people to check out. Here is a video that sums up the evening.

Photos and video by Dave Travis

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2 Responses to Punk Rock Museum Opening

  1. Joel J. Rane Joel J. Rane says:

    It was definitely punk rock to me…nothing like walking into a gig around a cop!

  2. Thank you for this Dave, its super fun and FUN is my thing man……….
    Landfill rocks by the way. Cock Penis Warlords forever.

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