Bed-in for Art

Echo Park artist Jonathon Hornedo is tired of working for The Man. Jonathon Hornedo needs to make art. In order to find time to both make art and protest the shackles of the day job, he is taking this week off of work. Taking a note from John and Yoko, he plans on taking to bed with a fridge full of beer and a full pot of coffee and opening his door to anyone who would like to visit. He plans on entertaining guests, making art and reading a Stephen King novel.

You are welcome to browse his art, and perhaps purchase something to subsidize his protest, hop in bed with him, and maybe share a meal. The Beat suggests bringing a 6-pack or some art supplies if you can afford it. Here is an excerpt from his open invitation:

I work 6 days a week, 48 hours or more sometimes. I pay rent for a basement/studio space with a small but nice kitchen…When I get home from work I tremble from exhaustion, then I’m struck with amnesia and I don’t remember what I did during the day. But that works in my favor when I make art. I’m very disciplined and I know how to focus no matter what kind of stress and anxiety I felt while at the job. I, and probably you too if you’re an artist, depend on a job to support your art endeavors. It sucks big time, man. I resent the necessity of it, and how it robs my time. My time is more precious than what my hands produce.

…If you have a day off…stop by my studio and protest with me. Express your rage with me, then help yourself to a beer…My door will be open. Call or text me so I know when to expect you, or just show up and surprise me. I’ll probably be in bed; you can hop in if you want. 562.822.8564

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  1. RELATE. Good for him.

  2. Raquel Rand says:

    This guys rad. Sick paintings.

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