Photography and Parades- Saint Patricks day


The best place to Celebrate Saint Patricks day will be in Hermosa Beach on my favorite corner where you can watch a parade and look at enchanting photos of Ireland.

Theis sign says: "we want to be in a parade family"

The only parade in Hermosa Beach happens once a year for St. Patrick’s Day. This year it’s on Saturday starting at 11:00 am and starts on the corner of Pier Ave and Valley.  This parade has a wholesome small-town feel which is a hard experience to get in Los Angeles.


 There are vintage convertible cars driving down the road with the chamber of commerce royalty throwing candy from the back seat to kids who line the street. Irish dancers some as young as three and perfectly out of step, many much older and graceful are in perfect step with one another. You will see men in kilts playing the bagpipes, Cheerleaders, School bands, Girl & Boy Scout troops, Masons and Kiwanis; the standard home-town fair fare.

 Just in time for the St. Patrick’s Day parade; JavaMan has a beautiful photo display this month with photography of Ireland.  There are Majestic cliffs of Clare, ancient monasteries from theWicklow Mountains to the river Shannon.  Howard Flynn (yeah, this guy really is Irish) is a bit of a Photoshop wizard as well and has some cool photo collages printed on canvas that incorporate castles, moons, park benches and hills; a combination of  all my ideas of what Ireland is like in one beautiful shot.


I love the big canvas in the back room to the right – its of the little boat garage with the bar garage door; it looks like part of the castle- like an entrance from across the moat. The water looks so calm the land so overgrown, you just get the feeling you are the only one in a while who’s been there; like a secret place. In that picture alone there are 100 shades of green and you can tell that in a month or two the most vibrant greens are yet to come.


This picture of the road with a natural tree tunnel was printed 16 x 20 on canvas and for $52.00 it will be the perfect birthday gift for my mother-in-law. At that price I feel like I stole it.


 Framed and matted 8 x 10’s are being sold for $23.00

I want to go back and get this nude portrait of a tree:


 St.Patrick’s Day Parade

This Saturday, March 17th

Starts at 11:00

Starts on corner of Pier avenue and Valley

Ends on Hermosa Ave and 10th Street

Javaman Coffee shop

155 Pier Ave

Open from 6:00am-6:00 most days

On corner of Manhattan Ave & Pier Ave in Hermosa Beach

Mr. Flynn’s Photo show runs till the end of March

Contact Howard Flynn at: 

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