The Ultimate Drunk Food: BBQ French Fries

The East coast has its pizza fries, LA has its carne asada fries, and Johnny Rebs has its BBQ fries. First shoestring potatoes are covered with cheddar cheese, then loaded with BBQ pork or beef with gobs of sweet and tangy BBQ sauce. I asked the Johnny Rebs employees in Long Beach who invented it and they said it was a group effort as they brainstormed bar snacks. They are the $5 special at Friday happy hours, but if you ask nicely they just may whip up a plate for you. Tell them Eric says it’s OK.

Other bar snacks include their wings, which are smoked first with hickory wood and
then fried up till crispy. The Fire sauce and BBQ sauces are house-made. I can personally attest to the crunchy perfection of their fried okra. Try the fried green tomatoes and fried pickles for a true taste of the South.

Also, Johnny Rebs recently partnered up with a few local breweries, hand-selecting the perfect accompaniment for their BBQ, aka – Brew and ‘Que. Bottled or draft, enjoy  Karl Strauss, Hangar 24, Bootlegger’s, or my own brew of choice – Abita! 

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