LA’S Best-Tasting Coffee Pours it on at Golden Globes Tomorrow!

Caffe Luxxe Testa Rossa ("redhead") espresso has a cult following in LA

Caffe Luxxe, known to insiders as LA’s best-tasting coffee, will be served at the Golden Globes Fox party tomorrow

Caffe Luxxe, LA’s hippest coffee brand, will serve its signature Testa Rossa espresso and other exquisite natural roasts at the 71st Golden Globes Awards on Sunday—they’ve just been picked as the exclusive purveyor for the hot beverage station for the 20th Century Fox tents at the event, to be held at the Beverly Hilton Hotel in Beverly Hills.

This unique, hand-crafted LA brand was personally invited to serve the international Fox A-list at the pre-and post-awards parties tomorrow by a top studio exec who stops by the Caffe Luxxe location on Montana Avenue in Santa Monica every day. In previous years, hot coffee, tea and chocolate were provided by The Coffee Bean franchise. But this year, Fox releases “12 Years a Slave”, “The Book Thief” and “Enough Said” have raked in such epic nominations including Best Screenplay, Best Director, Best Actor and Best Supporting Actor (drama) and Best Motion Picture– no wonder the top Fox brass wanted the cuppa joe which LA’s most discriminating consumers (Luxxistas, unite!) call the city’s Best-Tasting Coffee.

And here’s the coffee-talk confession: when I first tasted Testa Rossa a year or so ago with its signature dark chocolate and caramel base flavor profile, deepened with a hint of nuttiness, crowned with a soft floral finish of jasmine, I was sure that this was an enhanced coffee. And I was so R-O-N-G!!! The flavors are created completely through the selection of beans, and by skillfully applying Northern Italian roasting techniques. Part of the secret is that CL buys micro lots of rare, often seasonal coffees, and roasts their own beans at their downtown LA roastery called Il Laboratorio.

We’ll all be wide-eyed scanning the red carpet, scoping the frocks and the rocks, and watching who gets the gold on Sunday– and a designer-bump of caffeine via Caffe Luxxe couldn’t hurt.

Caffe Luxxe’s freshly roasted beans are available for purchase in the caffes or mail order at

Caffe Luxxe locations:

925 Montana Avenue, Santa Monica, CA 90403

225 26th St (The Brentwood Country Mart), Santa Monica, CA 90402

11975 San Vicente Boulevard, Brentwood, CA  90049

Tel:  310-394-2222 

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