CD Review: Last Day on Earth by Robert Nix

On a blazing hot day like today, with the temperature rising as businesses all over town are either closing their doors early or not opening them at all, the icy-cool sound of Robert Nix was exactly what my fevered brow needed.

One of Canada’s most respected Indie artists on the music scene today, Robert Nix has been one of Canada’s most original and creative artists since the 1980s, and his creative energies show no signs of slowing down all these years later.

In the spirit of music legend Emitt Rhodes, Nix wears many hats when creating his music: writing all his own songs, playing all the instruments himself, doing all his own backing vocals, programming and self-production. As a result, all his music has a unique ‘signature’ style and sound that-with the very first notes-makes listening to his music a truly singular sensation unlike any other artist on the music scene today.

He is a master of Electronic music, but equally skilled at both acoustic and electric guitar. His keyboard work has a subtle, unearthly beauty all its own. Once you hear it, it gets stuck deeply into dark corners of your mind where it remains for a long time…and you love every minute of it.

Like his previous album Walk Down the Street, his latest album Last Day on Earth makes brilliant use of tempo change and bright minor notes.  His evocative, lyrical wordplay continues to create not just ideas, places or things but actual sounds in one’s mind. 

On the album’s first single “Give It Up” Nix continues his endless fascination with both the natural world and humanity, ruminating on the futility of human efforts to alter and exploit Nature, rather than accept it as a reality that deserves our respect and best efforts to preserve/protect. “And yes I want you to fully agree, this is what you want to create, not an illusionary state” croons Nix, as he wanders through a landscape filled with visually striking  images: barren trees shimmering in the last rays of sunset, green and leafy graveyards filled with imposing headstones and vast horizons whose vistas are corrupted with black smoke emanating from countless factory towers.  Cinematographer Peter Anagnostaras has created a music video here that is a true work of art; worthy of the song it illustrates so beautifully.

On a scale of one to five stars, I’m giving this thought-provoking, poetic gem a five star rating.  As of this writing, it’s not currently available on However, this album is available at both CD Baby and itunes:                                                                                                                                                                    

Autographed CD’s are also available by contacting Robert Nix himself, either on his Youtube Channel or at his website:                                                                                                                          

Track Listing:

1. Give It Up

2. Last Day on Earth

3. Cry

4. You Guessed It (On Your Side)

5. The Fallen Dictator’s Song

6. Bloodflow

7. Uncommon

8. When Will My Time Come

9. Everything to Everyone

10. Life With Me


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