Burlesque: Then & Now

All Photos By Billy Bennight For the Los Angeles Beat

All Photos By Billy Bennight For the Los Angeles Beat

You might be expecting some tome on the birth of Burlesque here, but to the contrary it’s a brief overview of its mid 90’s revival and continuing evolution as the idea has spread amongst the subcultures supporting its resurgence. The first set of photos show a Burlesque event in 1999 at the Key club that boasted Punk glitterati Pleasant Gehman and Hope Urban, among others, captivated by the sensual presentations that is an edgy or update version of the art. The second set of photos are from a recent burner inspired troupe called Trapeze from San Francisco performing at Syrup Loft in DTLA. The ladies of Trapeze pose and prance with monikers like Stilletta, Meka, Tonya Kay, Olivia Bellafontaine and Mojo Deville. They steam up a heatwave with their alty and bendy sexolicious shake and bake! For the guys out there, their eyes are going bulge and their imagination will sizzle, while the ladies will simmer and plot a course for sweltering imitation in the privacy of their homes. It’s all in good fun and a great way to chase the blues away!

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