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Grindhouse Classics Maniac Cop 1 & 2 Screen Next Wednesday at the Egyptian Theater with William Lustig

“Maniac Cop” was originally intended to be a solid no-frills drive-in horror film with lots of guts both literally and figuratively and it succeeds with gritty abandon. Despite the artistic and intelligent overlay of it’s creators, director William  Lustig (Maniac, … Continue reading

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Goodnight Dark Prince: Sir Christopher Lee has Left the Belfry

On June 7th, Christopher Frank Carandini Lee, closed the coffin lid on an illustrious life as colorful and sometimes as serious as the  films he starred in.  A descendant of European royalty and great-grandson of Italian opera singer Countess Estelle Marie, Lee … Continue reading

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Voyage to the Iron Reef Opens at Knott’s Berry Farm

Full steam ahead mateys! Memorial Day weekend is the official start of the amusement park industry’s cash grabbing Spring/Summer season. Midwest and East Coast parks will finally be open, and many of the California parks will have the refurbished classics, added … Continue reading

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Movie Review: Zombeavers

I’ll try to be PC for the sake of my alternative lifestyle and queer community friends by not saying I’m totally gay for this film. Instead I will declare that I have a complete “BroMo” hard on for this lively … Continue reading

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Theater Review: Shakespeare in Hollywood

Shakespeare In Hollywood, now playing at the Neo Ensemble Theater, is a frothy cocktail of musical chairs with just a dash of cyanide to reflect the darkness of the Great Depression and the rise of the  a film that in … Continue reading

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Crappy Classics: The Eternal Evil of Asia

Another ape shit gonzo horror comedy from Hong Kong as only they can make it. A group of friends head out for a weekend of drinking and whoring in Thailand. After being chased out of the bars and into a … Continue reading

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Crappy Classics: The Murder Clinic (1966)

Acceptable Euro-shock. I include it here because it hasn’t been on DVD and it got a limited release on tape. A hooded killer with a straight razor attacks the residents of a turn of the century sanitarium.

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Crappy Classics: Brides of Blood

As long as we are on the topic of Monsters on a tropical island, here is the 2nd half of the double feature. The first film of the blood island trilogy, unless you count “Terror Is A Man” some years … Continue reading

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Crappy Classics: Deadly Eyes aka The Rats

The first kill of the movie is a baby, A MUTHAFUCKIN BABY! The baby is eaten by large hormone imbalanced rats played by puppets and daschunds in rat costumes. It’s bad movie heaven.

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Crappy Classics: Eyes without a Face

If you feel like trying the Hulu Plus site for free for a month you can catch all sorts of creepy stuff on the Criterion Collection. This artistic and classy chiller was not only very morbid and gruesome for its … Continue reading

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