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Crappy Classics: Deadly Eyes aka The Rats

The first kill of the movie is a baby, A MUTHAFUCKIN BABY! The baby is eaten by large hormone imbalanced rats played by puppets and daschunds in rat costumes. It’s bad movie heaven.

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Crappy Classics: Eyes without a Face

If you feel like trying the Hulu Plus site for free for a month you can catch all sorts of creepy stuff on the Criterion Collection. This artistic and classy chiller was not only very morbid and gruesome for its … Continue reading

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Crappy Classics: Dear Dead Delilah (1972)

Dreadfully directed and lensed like crap the gore and the cast of old timers refusing to give a bad performance for a bad film make this worth a one time watch.

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Crappy Classics: The Bat

Corny as Hell but Price and Agnes Moorehead give it some snap crackle pop. The young female is Darla Hood from the Little Rascals all grown up.

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Home Haunt Fever Hits the Valley

Halloween is big business. You’re never gonna see a theme park charging less than forty dollars ever again for their witches brew of rides and mazes and overpriced edibles. It’s the largest retail season next to Christmas and its gaining on … Continue reading

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Crappy Classics: The Night Stalker (1972)

Another great TV made horror movie helmed by Dan Curtis and written by Richard Matheson. Great film noir and Dragnet vibe. I met the actor who played the vampire. He looked almost nothing like his character, plus he had a … Continue reading

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Urban Death Tour at the Zombie Joe Underground

There is a small, pitch black cracker box of a theater near the NoHo sign in the valley where the spirit of Halloween and all things dark and disturbing find a place to rest their fangs and horns all year … Continue reading

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Air Soft Zombie Hunt and Horror Maze

The first air soft zombie hunt and horror maze combo in Bellflower opened in 2012 to mixed reviews and a little naïveté about the biz, but Haunted Hollywood Sports were undaunted and decided to shamble on like any good zombie would and I’m happy … Continue reading

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GHOULA’s Annual Peg Entwhistle Hollywood Sign Hike

Hollywood loves its formula money-making stories. It loves the chick flick, the buddy syndrome, the action packed franchise super hero epic and perhaps above all, in a subliminal way, its creepy tales of ghosts and paranormal skullduggery. That’s probably because Hollywood … Continue reading

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Jurassic Theme Restaurant Surprisingly Does Not Suck

In Sir Arthur Conan Doyle’s iconic fantasy, “The Lost World,” a motley crew take a long journey to a plateau where dinosaurs still roam free amidst a strange tropical setting. We didn’t go to the Amazon, but we did have to make … Continue reading

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