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Urban Death Tour at the Zombie Joe Underground

There is a small, pitch black cracker box of a theater near the NoHo sign in the valley where the spirit of Halloween and all things dark and disturbing find a place to rest their fangs and horns all year … Continue reading

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Air Soft Zombie Hunt and Horror Maze

The first air soft zombie hunt and horror maze combo in Bellflower opened in 2012 to mixed reviews and a little naïveté about the biz, but Haunted Hollywood Sports were undaunted and decided to shamble on like any good zombie would and I’m happy … Continue reading

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GHOULA’s Annual Peg Entwhistle Hollywood Sign Hike

Hollywood loves its formula money-making stories. It loves the chick flick, the buddy syndrome, the action packed franchise super hero epic and perhaps above all, in a subliminal way, its creepy tales of ghosts and paranormal skullduggery. That’s probably because Hollywood … Continue reading

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Jurassic Theme Restaurant Surprisingly Does Not Suck

In Sir Arthur Conan Doyle’s iconic fantasy, “The Lost World,” a motley crew take a long journey to a plateau where dinosaurs still roam free amidst a strange tropical setting. We didn’t go to the Amazon, but we did have to make … Continue reading

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The Purge: Breakout

Over the last few years the horror films slated near Halloween have been artsy fartsy duds or disasterous reimaginings of old 70′s and 80′s classics. These movies are all sold with glossy saturation ads which are often misleading and leave you … Continue reading

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A Preview of Knott’s Calico Mine Train

In 1959 Knotts Berry Farm was a bucolic and bona fide piece of Americana and shared prosperity. The chicken dinners became so profitable that Walter Knott saw fit to entertain his customers gratis while they waited two to three hours for their fried … Continue reading

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Calling All Goths: Carmilla Bites Again

J. Sherridan’s 19th century novella Carmilla predates Bram Stoker’s Dracula by 25 years and is the western prototype for all female vampires and erotic horror fiction, especially those dealing with sexual repression and lesbianism. First published in 1872 in a … Continue reading

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Theater Review: Delusion, Masque of Mortality

Two days later and my feet, which have just stopped aching from lengthy pilgrimage in the process of viewing Wicked Lit. and I get unexpectedly and very happily invited to Jon Braver’s Haunted play series Delusion. This year’s delusion has … Continue reading

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Theater Review: Wicked Lit

Hand me down my walking cane I’m going to see a play. Add a can of Red Bull and a warm parka and you’ll be equipped to see L.A. County’s best Halloween themed plays, where you are the co-stars and … Continue reading

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13 Films For Halloween That May Have Crawled Beneath Your Radar

What’s in a good horror film? The answer to that is no longer as it once was in the days of the movie palaces and the flickering lights and cheap hard on your ass seats of the neighborhood theater. Horror starts … Continue reading

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