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Healthy Food: Delicious Ways to Incorporate More Whole Grains

By Chef Kajsa Alger of Blue Window and the tea shop at The Huntington’s Chinese Garden, who is known for her creative global vegetarian and vegan fare. Getting yourself to eat more whole grains is sort of like a Mr. Miagi/Karate … Continue reading

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Stand Up And Take Your Clothes Off! Returns To LA This Weekend

The Beat had a blast and a half at the last Stand Up And Take Your Clothes Off! event, a stimulating mix of live standup comedy, spicy burlesque dancing, and marijuana retail sampling presented by Grassfed and The Art Of … Continue reading

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CD Review: Peter Lewis – Just Like Jack

When one of your favorite musicians from a bygone era emerges from semi-retirement with a new album, you can find yourself with mixed feelings. Part of you is glad to see they’re still out there, but another part of you … Continue reading

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GRASSFED’s Stand Up And Take Your Clothes Off Presents Comedy With A Giggle Stick

To all the loner stoners out there – it’s now officially OK to leave the house. In Los Angeles, you can partake of social events and marijuana at the same time. Sure, I know, it’s not like you’ve never left … Continue reading

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Book Review: Life as a Circle Jerks Bassist and Beyond: “The Prodigal Rogerson”

By Andy Nystrom. This post first appeared in There’s Something Hard in There At the age of 14, I first encountered the Circle Jerks at the Starwood in Los Angeles. It was a night I’ll never forget. As we entered … Continue reading

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A Night To Remember: Ultimate Jam Night a Salute to AC/DC and Malcolm Young

      Story and photos: Michael Stanway As a photojournalist, I focus more on what images can say rather than my own verbal commentary, interpretations and personal opinions (okay, bias). Images tell stories. They capture moments in time. They … Continue reading

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Stay Safe at Protests!

For folks who are new to social justice actions: 1. Water makes pepper spray worse. Use milk or liquid antacid and water. Don’t wear contacts. 2. If you get tear gassed, when you get home, put the contaminated clothes in … Continue reading

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CD Review: Metallica – “Hardwired… to Self-Destruct”

When’s the last time you listened to Metallica? No, seriously, I mean lived, breathed and died that shit? Don’t feed me The Black Album, Load or St. Anger. That’s not living, man. That’s another band from a different ilk. What … Continue reading

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CD Review: Dream The Electric Sleep – Beneath The Dark Wide Sky

I stumble into my apartment after a night of high bar tabs and low class gal shutdowns. There’s one Miller Lite in the fridge and half of a taco truck bean and cheese. As I lay down on the couch my dog … Continue reading

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Surprise Vacation Fired Up About New Album, “Stealing Office Supplies”

By Andy Nystrom. Originally published in There’s Something Hard in There While serious discussions and punk-rock songs about current events are enthralling and vital in interacting with others, learning about world issues and shaping our views and listening to others’, … Continue reading

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