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Ivor Levene likes to interview musicians, write about music and musicians, play music, listen to music, read about music, photograph musicians, and anything else you can think of with music. He has been involved with the music scene for over thirty years and his posts have appeared all over the place! Ivor says "I'm going to write about music as long as I have something to say".

Reviewed: The Who’s Tommy – Live at The Royal Albert Hall

As a concert film, this is a completely immersive Who experience, but because of the material (except after the full performance of Tommy) it can be somewhat confusing, depending on when you first discovered Tommy. If you’re of a certain … Continue reading

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Reviewed: The Rolling Stones’ Sticky Fingers – Live At The Fonda 2015 DVD

The Rolling Stones’ Sticky Fingers Live at The Fonda Theater 2015 starts off where the Shine A Light film ended, from a theatrical standpoint.  It opens with a helicopter shot of North Hollywood CA, the exact place where this tour … Continue reading

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Patience Is A Virtue – Clapton At The Forum Part II

Sometimes it appears, the best IS saved for last. If you read my last post on Clapton, you know I walked away totally unimpressed with the show. I thought it sounded flat, and both Eric and the audience displayed no … Continue reading

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Reviewed: Change Begins Within (DVD)

In 2009, a stellar group of musicians got together in support of The David Lynch Foundation, a charity primarily devoted to helping reduce the damaging effects of stress, anxiety, depression, and substance abuse.  “There have to be dozens of these … Continue reading

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Reviewed: The Fender Newport Blue-Tooth Speaker

A few weeks ago, I received a package from Fender. A big, brown box. With Fender stamped on it. That in itself is a big deal to me. I love the Fender company, the products they make, the vibe, the … Continue reading

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Bland On The Run – Eric Clapton at The Fabulous Forum

Last night was the second of a four-night run by guitar god Eric Clapton in Los Angeles, probably to be the final time any of us see him live. Prior to setting up shop here in L.A., Clapton played recently … Continue reading

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A “Killer” Show At The Greek

Last night was one of those rare occasions for me when I decided to just show up at a show on my own dime, enjoy it (which for me consists of watching the entire concert through the camera’s viewfinder), and … Continue reading

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Upcoming: Buddy Guy At The Saban Theater

What do you get when you cross a guitar legend with a theater that’s on the National Register of Historic Places?  You get a show that is a must-see, that’s what!  That’s right, if you haven’t seen Buddy before, or … Continue reading

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Happy Birthday Ringo! Peace And Love Under A Blazing Sun

Whew!  If you like your celebrities well-done, then today’s global Peace And Love bash was just your kind of celebration.  Of course I’m talking about Ringo Starr’s annual birthday celebration right in front of the Capitol building.  With temperatures hovering … Continue reading

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Fear And Bloating In Los Angeles – Roger Waters’ Pig-Stravaganza At Staples Center

Ever since I first read Bukowski’s review of the 1975 Stones show at The Forum, I’ve wanted to write a review in the same vein, something that so perfectly encapsulates the irrelevance of the whole thing, in the face of … Continue reading

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