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Ivor Levene likes to interview musicians, write about music and musicians, play music, listen to music, read about music, photograph musicians, and anything else you can think of with music. He has been involved with the music scene for over thirty years and his posts have appeared all over the place! Ivor says "I'm going to write about music as long as I have something to say".

Upcoming: Buddy Guy At The Saban Theater

What do you get when you cross a guitar legend with a theater that’s on the National Register of Historic Places?  You get a show that is a must-see, that’s what!  That’s right, if you haven’t seen Buddy before, or … Continue reading

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Happy Birthday Ringo! Peace And Love Under A Blazing Sun

Whew!  If you like your celebrities well-done, then today’s global Peace And Love bash was just your kind of celebration.  Of course I’m talking about Ringo Starr’s annual birthday celebration right in front of the Capitol building.   Temperatures were … Continue reading

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Fear And Bloating In Los Angeles – Roger Waters’ Pig-Stravaganza At Staples Center

Ever since I first read Bukowski’s review of the 1975 Stones show at The Forum, I’ve wanted to write a review in the same vein, something that so perfectly encapsulates the irrelevance of the whole thing, in the face of … Continue reading

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Album Review – Procol Harum – Novum

I was originally supposed to review this album, the latest by Procol Harum, back in April, you know, prior to its release. That would be the normal review process.  Listen to album, read the liner notes, and give your critical … Continue reading

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Sitting On Top Of The World – At Capitol Records

There are a million stories in popular music.  People have been writing about the players and the events since the first concerts were held.  Inside of those stories, there is a subset that deal specifically with the places where the … Continue reading

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Book Review – “Party Like A Mock Star!” Have a Booze-Free Blast with No-Regrets Mocktails!

Last weekend at the launch party for “Party Like A Mock Star,” I watched all the beautiful people with cocktails hanging near the bar, and I started to wonder — were they faking it or were they drinking the hard stuff? So after … Continue reading

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Stars Come Out At Night For “Winners” At Morrison Hotel Gallery at Sunset Marquis

Last night a few hundred guests and your’s truly were in attendance at my favorite Rock and Roll watering hole, the Morrison Hotel Gallery at Sunset Marquis in West Hollywood. The occasion? “Winners”, a celebration of the rich history of … Continue reading

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For Your Holiday Shopping – Sinatra Around The World

Just in time for the holiday season comes a pair of classics (it’s actually a quad, two concerts on each DVD).  From Eagle Rock Entertainment, comes some classic Sinatra.  You may have seen some of these clips, like “The Main … Continue reading

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Interviewed: Rudy Sarzo, Musician Extraordinaire and Animal Activist

Legend is a term that gets tossed around a lot, especially in music, and the term can be highly subjective. But if the subject of your attention has played on a number of records that have sold in excess of … Continue reading

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Book Review: “i am Brian Wilson”

“i am Brian Wilson” has to be one of the most honest and forthcoming autobiographies ever written by a musician, but to call it simply an “autobiography” would be to sell it short. To some, it could be considered a self-help … Continue reading

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