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Offbeat L.A. Meets Hollywood Billboard Queen Angelyne in a Rare VIDEO Interview

Angelyne, the infamous Hollywood Billboard Queen was one of the earliest subjects of this Offbeat L.A. column in an article called Pretty in Pink. However, catching her in a rare video interview was quite a feat. We were fortunate to … Continue reading

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Let’s Rock This Joint! The Mick Rock Interview At The Morrison Hotel Gallery

Were the earth to suddenly start spitting out creative geniuses in the world of music photography, surely they would materialize at the Morrison Hotel Gallery.  The works of some of the most seminal photographers in the annals of music photography … Continue reading

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Behind The Art Behind The Music – Conversations With Ernie Cefalu – Part I

It’s one of those rare days in Los Angeles. Rare not only because it’s July and the temps are just right, but rare because I’ve just spent the day discussing rock history, album covers, anecdotes about rock icons, and art … Continue reading

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Offbeat L.A. Takes a Video Trip to the Historic & Cool Bob Baker Puppet Theater

Bob Baker Theater is the oldest puppet theater in the United States. Its founder Bob Baker passed away in November 2014, but the show must go on. Come on a fascinating 3-minute video journey with Offbeat L.A. host Nikki Kreuzer … Continue reading

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House of Blues Bids Farewell to Hollywood with a Night of Oneness

On Sunday evening, July 12th, the city of Hollywood bid a fond farewell to The House of Blues with ‘A Night of Oneness.’ The benefit concert was held to support an emergency fund for Full-Circle Learning Preschool, which creates educational access for migrant … Continue reading

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Revolutions 2: The Art Of Music At Forest Lawn Museum

Nestled amongst the soaring cypress trees and calm, rolling hills of Forest Lawn in Glendale is the perhaps unknown but nonetheless charming Forest Lawn Museum. Frankly, I was surprised to learn that a museum exists in this unlikely location, but … Continue reading

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Manifest Destiny Billboard Project Culminates in LA – Events and Where to Find the Billboards

Imagine driving along the freeway and instead of ads for buffets and gentlemen’s clubs, you come across a giant Marty Robbins album cover, a quote from Gertrude Stein, or a very meta picture of the trees and nature you would rather be … Continue reading

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The Best Day of Your Life

There really aren’t enough holidays in the summer. Fourth of July carries the responsibilty for summer fun all by itself. To rectify that, Thrillist has decided that today, June 20th, is the Best Day Of Your Life. BDOYL is usually held … Continue reading

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‘Liquid Vacation’ Tells the Story of Tiki Drinks in Las Vegas with Recipes Too

Liquid Vacation—-77 Refreshing Tropical Drinks from Frankie’s Tiki Room in Las Vegas is much more than a recipe book. It tells the story of Tiki culture in Las Vegas, a place where the over-the-top South Seas décor and kitsch was … Continue reading

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Photo Essay: L.A. Live’s Dark Nights

All photos by Rachel McKnight for the Los Angeles Beat

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