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GHOULA’s Annual Peg Entwhistle Hollywood Sign Hike

Hollywood loves its formula money-making stories. It loves the chick flick, the buddy syndrome, the action packed franchise super hero epic and perhaps above all, in a subliminal way, its creepy tales of ghosts and paranormal skullduggery. That’s probably because Hollywood … Continue reading

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Movie Review: Levitated Mass

Early on in Levitated Mass, the new documentary film by Doug Pray, about the monolithic sculpture of the same name by sculptor/’earth artist’ Michael Heizer, one of the early donors to the project proclaims that “nothing [looks] less like art than … Continue reading

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Marineland’s 60 Year Anniversary

In August of 1954, Marineland of the Pacific opened to the public for the first time.  Located at the current site of the Terranea Resort on the Palos Verdes Peninsula, the park overlooked coves that had once been used by whalers. Marineland was a revolutionary … Continue reading

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Rolly Crump Brings the ‘Enchanted Tiki Room’ to Life at the Tiki Oasis in San Diego this Weekend

Roland Crump was always interested in cartoons. “I was always a cartoonist”, said Rolly. “I always, from the very beginning, everything little thing I drew basically was a cartoon, or in the style of a cartoon, because I was influenced … Continue reading

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“The Bollocks” A Private Reception for Dennis Morris at Known Gallery

I joined Dawn Laureen and Taquila Mockingbird for one of the more marvelous retrospectives of the legendary photographer of The Sex Pistols, Dennis Morris, at Known Gallery for a private reception and celebration to kick off “The BOLLOCKS” exhibition. I’m sure everyone … Continue reading

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Jurassic Theme Restaurant Surprisingly Does Not Suck

In Sir Arthur Conan Doyle’s iconic fantasy, “The Lost World,” a motley crew take a long journey to a plateau where dinosaurs still roam free amidst a strange tropical setting. We didn’t go to the Amazon, but we did have to make … Continue reading

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Patricia plays keyboards at Miceli’s in Hollywood on Sundays, from 5:30 on. She wanted me to spread the word that she’ll also be playing for the next three Thursdays. You may catch her doing warm-up yoga in the ladies’ room … Continue reading

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The Purge: Breakout

Over the last few years the horror films slated near Halloween have been artsy fartsy duds or disasterous reimaginings of old 70′s and 80′s classics. These movies are all sold with glossy saturation ads which are often misleading and leave you … Continue reading

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It’s 4th of July: Where’s the Party? 2014 Edition

ART AND MUSIC  A Polynesian Pop, Surf, and BMX 4th of July BBQ Celebration at La Luz 8-11 pm / Free The opening reception for Brad Parker’s “Red Tiki Lounge” and Damian Fulton’s “Rad” will be graced by a live performance by … Continue reading

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DTLA Night Market

DTLA Night Market was a rousing success this weekend. Lines at most booths were short or nonexistent, and the places with lines were well worth the wait. Plus you could eat food from other stalls while waiting in line for the next … Continue reading

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