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Rich’s Argan Oil Elixir

I love skin and hair oils. Oils used to have a bad name until a few years back but for me – going from the desert to humid New England in a month – travel has made my skin and … Continue reading

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On the Road Beauty: Repêchage

In the past month my skin has gone from high desert to humid New England, which is not exactly the kind of testing anyone wants (not to mention airplanes, the ultimate dehydrator.) So when Repêchage sent me three of their … Continue reading

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BeautyCon focus: Perfect365

. BeautyCon—the preeminent global summit for top digital fashion and beauty influencers, and their ever-growing number of fans—returned  to Los Angeles for its third-annual summit. BeautyCon Los Angeles was held in partnership with ELLE, at the LA Mart, on August … Continue reading

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Sexy Hair: Road Test, Part II

Shampooing while traveling is a mixed bag. Unless you’re familiar with the water, you can end up with problems like flat, lifeless locks (from hard water) to loss of color (too much chlorine.) I get my hair professionally washed weekly … Continue reading

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Sexy Hair: Road Test, Part I

I’m fortunate in that a stranger will arrive at my door with a bag full of beauty products to test. When I was a kid one of my favorite games was “mad scientist,” and trying out new hair, skin, body … Continue reading

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Tiki Drinks and Culture Make for a Fun Weekend at San Diego’s Upcoming Tiki Oasis

Rum has been a big part of several cultures for many years. Starting in the 1600′s, rum was a regular part of any sailor’s ration in both Navy and merchant vessels. By the 1900′s, songs had been written about rum, … Continue reading

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IPL: three months later

It’s been three months since I had the IPLs done and it wasn’t until I ran into an old friend yesterday that I realized the long-term results. “Your skin is glowing,” she said. True, I had just come out of … Continue reading

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Patricia plays keyboards at Miceli’s in Hollywood on Sundays, from 5:30 on. She wanted me to spread the word that she’ll also be playing for the next three Thursdays. You may catch her doing warm-up yoga in the ladies’ room … Continue reading

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The Art of the Dye

Not “die,” although I love to shoot dice, but that’s a different post. I’m talking dye – eyelash dye. Before you wince, consider its usage and history at one of my favorite fun beauty sites, Eyelashes in History, and Theresa … Continue reading

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Queer Pride, Queer Diversity: It’s the Real Thing

Coagula Curatorial’s “Queer Biennial I, LA+NY and Parts in Between” exhibit opening in Chinatown was the scene of a pretty fabulous mini-pride fest last Saturday night.  While many in LA’s LGBT community were on their annual trek to San Francisco’s pride fest, a few … Continue reading

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