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If you are a fan of 70s English punk, then you know all about the Slits. At the very least, you will remember their shocking album cover for CUT – three topless girls slathered in mud wearing only loincloths. Rather than … Continue reading

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Saturday, January 31, 2015: 10th Annual Museums Free Admission Program

This Saturday, January 31, 2015 there is free admission to many of the museums throughout the city as part of the 10th Annual Museums Free-for-all program. Right now LACMA is showing paintings from the Hudson Valley River School, Haunted Screens: … Continue reading

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Chaos in the Kitchen: Recipes From All Your Favorite Punk Bands by Willy Jak and Chad Persley

Musician Willy Jak of the Dayglo Abortions has always seen a connection between punk rock and cooking. A discussion with Dave Witte of Municipal Waste inspired him to compile the recipes he had been collecting from other musicians while touring, along with some new additions. Each recipe … Continue reading

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Some Good Books for a Cold New Year’s Eve 2014

This year is drawing to a close and New Years Eve is upon us. Between the record cold weather in L.A. and the checkpoints looking for people having fun, a lot more people are opting for a quiet evening at … Continue reading

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Buy This: Litographs T-shirts

Now that your favorite bookworm has a Kindle, it’s not as easy to shop for them. Check out these fantastic T-shirts from Litograph. Each shirt sports entire passages of a classic book, covering every inch of fabric. There is a drawing relating to the book … Continue reading

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A Few Favorites of 2014

Here is a Year End list of favorite music, movies and books. I generally don’t read books the same year they are published, partly because I borrow from libraries more than I buy, and partly because I just tend to be … Continue reading

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20 Gifts for Under $20

There is no reason to break the bank during the holidays. It’s more important to choose something thoughtful and fun instead of something expensive and predictable. These gifts are perfect for that work friend or the new date you don’t … Continue reading

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‘What the Lady Wants’ Combines History, Romance, Department Stores and Chicago for a Great Read

Nowadays, we take for granted what we’ll find when we visit a department store. Sales people in each department waiting to spritz perfume, help pick clothes and even offer suggestions on matching accessories. If the shopping takes too long, major … Continue reading

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An Interview with Spot about his New Photography Book, “Sounds of Two Eyes Opening”

Most LA musicians know Spot from his years working as a sound engineer and producer for bands like the Minutemen, the Misfits, and Black Flag. A talented musician, Spot also played bass for Panic, the precursor to Black Flag, and Nig Heist, a comical … Continue reading

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“Kurt Cobain: The Last Session” at Morrison Hotel Gallery

This Saturday, November 22nd, the Morrison Hotel Gallery in West Hollywood will host a book signing by photographer Jesse Frohman for his new book “Kurt Cobain: The Last Session” (Thames & Hudson) from 6 to 8pm. Frohman shot Nirvana for the London Observer’s Sunday … Continue reading

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