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“The Perfect Portion Cookbook”, brainchild of Anson Williams with Recipes by Bob Warden and Mona Dalgov, set to Launch on QVC Super Bowl Sunday!

Quick!– What do former Baywatch cast’s skincare regimes, Blackbeltery, Chicken Pot Pie, and Potsie Weber have in common? –A new and gustatorially-sound idea as cool as The Fonz and his friends themselves in the form of The Perfect Portion Cookbook!  … Continue reading

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Library Amnesty February 1st – 14th

Come out from under the bed! Stop hiding in the bushes! And we can totally see you behind that curtain! The Los Angeles Public Library has announced that in honor of Valentine’s Day they will waive overdue fees in order to reunite … Continue reading

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The Big Short

When making “The Big Short,” the story of the Wall Street crash of 2008, it seems director Adam McKay (former head writer of “Saturday Night Live”) must have been considering the short attention spans of Americans. The film is interspersed … Continue reading

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LA Chefs Recommend Gifts for Foodies

I thought if I was going to create a gift guide for foodies, why not go to the experts? Some of LA’s best chefs have taken the time to provide you with their recommendations for the perfect gift. David LeFevre … Continue reading

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Gift Guide: Books for Weirdos

Some people are so easy to shop for. Just pick them up a nice sweater, the latest bestseller or a gift card and Bob’s your uncle. Then there are the weirdos. You know who I’m talking about. Here are a … Continue reading

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Charlotte Rae, Best Known as Mrs. Garrett from “The Facts of Life,” to Sign Latest Autobiography at The Santa Monica Library

Aaah The Facts of Life, anyone who was more than just a speck in some joker’s eye during the early 1980s remembers that one!:  Mrs. Garrett in particular as the loveable, sometimes harried, but always hip and supportive housemother.  If … Continue reading

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“Let There be Gwar” Book Signing Saturday at La Luz

Although GWAR was not the first comedic, costumed rock band with unpredictable over-the-top theatrics, they did it funnier and louder, with bigger costumes and crazier theatrics than any band before or since. The band/artistic collective portrays the band members as grotesque and violent … Continue reading

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Book Review: “The Bone Clocks”

“The Bone Clocks”, by David Mitchell, is a massive, well-constructed world, in which the story unfolds through the voices of several fascinating characters. Far from a regular historical or family saga, however, these characters are all either knowingly or unknowingly involved … Continue reading

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Book Review: Futuristic Violence and Fancy Suits: A Novel by David Wong

“Zoey said, ‘…This whole thing happened because I got up last night, because my cat got hungry and I had to go find a fork, and I stumbled into that conference room and saw Will and Ling and their cop … Continue reading

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Cheryl Strayed – Brave Enough

Cheryl Strayed is the author of several books, the most popular of them is Wild, Cheryl’s memoir about walking alone on the Pacific Crest Trail to find her way back to herself after self destructively dealing with the death of … Continue reading

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