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CD Review: Metallica – “Hardwired… to Self-Destruct”

When’s the last time you listened to Metallica? No, seriously, I mean lived, breathed and died that shit? Don’t feed me The Black Album, Load or St. Anger. That’s not living, man. That’s another band from a different ilk. What … Continue reading

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CD Review: Dream The Electric Sleep – Beneath The Dark Wide Sky

I stumble into my apartment after a night of high bar tabs and low class gal shutdowns. There’s one Miller Lite in the fridge and half of a taco truck bean and cheese. As I lay down on the couch my dog … Continue reading

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CD Review: Justin Hayward “All the Way”

We’re in the midst of the most hostile election season I can remember; during these contentious times, I find myself wanting to get away from all the noise, name-calling and anger. And my musical choices at the moment reflect my desire … Continue reading

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Patience’s New Single, “The Pressure”

Patience (Roxanne Clifford of UK indie pop group, Veronica Falls) has released an excellent ’80s-styled synth-pop single called “The Pressure” on Night School Records. The song is wistful and a little melancholy but buoyed along by an infectious beat. It’s swoon-worthy in a way … Continue reading

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Surprise Vacation Fired Up About New Album, “Stealing Office Supplies”

By Andy Nystrom. Originally published in There’s Something Hard in There While serious discussions and punk-rock songs about current events are enthralling and vital in interacting with others, learning about world issues and shaping our views and listening to others’, … Continue reading

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Album Review: Alice Bag

The pulsing drums and reverb and wah-laden guitars kicking off her debut solo album serve notice that Alice Bag is here to rock and that we all better listen up. The first track “Little Hypocrite,” which admonishes us to “stop … Continue reading

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Movie Review: “The Everly Brothers – Harmonies From Heaven”

About three minutes into “The Everly Brothers – Harmonies From Heaven,” you start to wonder why exactly this hasn’t been made years before. Keith Richards, Graham Nash, and Art Garfunkel are in the opening sequence, and they remind you (in … Continue reading

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Hello Again, Aldebaran: The Long-Awaited Reissue of Judy Henske & Jerry Yester’s 1969 Masterpiece

Few music fans, whether they were alive at the time or not, would dispute that the late 60s were a magical time for LA music. Between The Byrds, Love, Beach Boys, Doors, and countless others, not to mention classic venues … Continue reading

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Bill Stevenson Talks About The Descendents’ New Album

Interview by Andy Nystrom. Photo by Chris Shary. Originally posted on There’s Something Hard In There . I heard through the punk-rock grapevine that the Descendents would be playing a gig one early evening in the summer of 1981. Not … Continue reading

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Album Review and Band Interview: Evilution by The Black Widows

Southern California’s favorite arachnid rockers are back and in a massive way.  Evilution, the much-anticipated follow-up to 2013’s Revenge of the Black Widows, delivers 16 blistering tracks of pure instrumental evil.  The Los Angeles Beat serendipitously heard a brief sample … Continue reading

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