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Movies ‘Till Dawn: Reagan-Era Nightmares

12 a.m. – “Scarecrows” – Horror (1988, Scream Factory) This supernatural thriller opens on an energetic note, with a gang of soldiers turned thieves, fresh from a big payroll heist, forced to land a stolen getaway plane (and its kidnapped … Continue reading

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DVD Review: A Kristen Wiig Double Feature

Kristen Wiig is one of the biggest breakout stars we have seen from Saturday Night Live in a long time. I didn’t always get her humor, except for the tiny baby arm sister. When I saw “Bridesmaids” I finally understood the appeal. … Continue reading

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Video Review – The Decline Of Western Civilization I, II and III

Finally, the Decline Of Western Civilization collection, Penelope Sheeris’ three-part documentary series on LA’s indigenous music scenes as observed in 1980, 1987 and 1996 is available on home video. While VHS copies of the first two have circulated for years, … Continue reading

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Movies Till Dawn: Programming Notes – Summer Bummers

Everything you need to know about Artsploitation Films is summed up in the company’s moniker: the new North American film distribution label offers international titles that explore the link between arthouse and grindhouse features. The subgenres share more than a … Continue reading

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Movies Till Dawn: In Glorious Black and White

12 a.m. – “The House of Mystery” – Adventure/Drama/Serial (1921-1923, Flicker Alley) Think of this ten-episode, six-and-a-half-hour silent French melodrama as an arthouse thriller in serial form, with the best qualities of each of those styles and genres. Produced and … Continue reading

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Goodnight Dark Prince: Sir Christopher Lee has Left the Belfry

On June 7th, Christopher Frank Carandini Lee, closed the coffin lid on an illustrious life as colorful and sometimes as serious as the  films he starred in.  A descendant of European royalty and great-grandson of Italian opera singer Countess Estelle Marie, Lee … Continue reading

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Movies ‘Till Dawn: Eurowestern Showdown

12 a.m. – “Day of Anger” (1968, Arrow Films) A favorite among Italian Western devotees, Tonino Valerii’s “Day of Anger” is a tough, sometimes brutal parable about revenge, respect and the cost of earning and maintaining power. Giuliano Gemma (usually … Continue reading

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Movies ‘Till Dawn: TV Party

12 a.m. – “The Dakotas” – “Sanctuary at Crystal Springs” – Western (1963, Warner Archives Collection) A shootout between U.S. Marshal Frank Ragan (Larry Ward) and his deputies and the gun-crazy Barton brothers (Joe Di Reda and Norman Alden – … Continue reading

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Alan Parsons Talks About His Upcoming LA/San Diego Concert Dates and his Book ‘Art and Science of Sound Recording’

Alan Parsons has always had show business in his blood. Part of it came from his mother, an actress, professional folksinger and harpist. Some of it came from his father, Denys Parsons, an accomplished pianist and flautist as well as … Continue reading

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Movies Till Dawn: Stooges, Space Garbage, Wrestling with Satan – and Captain Scarlet!

12 a.m. “Wrestling with Satan” – Documentary (2009, Wild Eye Releasing) This modest documentary attempts to examine the inner workings of the Christian Wrestling Federation (CWF) which uses farm-league wrestling bouts to preach evangelical beliefs. Those watching for the purely … Continue reading

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