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“Army of One” – The Story of Gary Faulkner, Out November 4th

“Army of One,” starring Nicolas Cage and Russell Brand, tells the “mostly true” story of Gary Faulkner, a man who made eleven solo attempts to capture Osama bin Laden. Directed by Larry Charles (“Borat,” “Curb Your Enthusiasm,” “Seinfeld”), the comedy was inspired by … Continue reading

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Blood and Acid: When the First VCRs Gave us Cult Movies

The advent of videotapes in the late 70s and early 80s brought the movie experience into the home for the first time. No longer were we slaves to whatever was on the Friday Night movie, and an entire library of … Continue reading

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Science Fiction Double Feature (+3): New Views of Future Past Edition

12 a.m. – “High-Rise” – Drama/Thriller (2015, Magnolia Home Entertainment) The haves and the have-nots settle their differences through murder and anarchy in this gorgeously photographed nightmare by Ben Wheatley (“Kill List”), based on the dystopian novel by J.G. Ballard. … Continue reading

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Son of Monsterpalooza Makes Us Totally Geek Out

Last Friday, Son of Monsterpalooza descended upon the Burbank Marriott, bringing thrills, chills, and an impressive roster of makeup artists and movie stars. There were so many cool art galleries, shops, and displays that we didn’t even make it in … Continue reading

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Movies Till Dawn: Mystery Silent Theater Double Bill

12 a.m. – “Two Knights of Vaudeville”/”Scar of Shame” – Comedy/Melodrama (1915/1929, Kino Lorber) Two selections from Kino Lorber’s remarkable, five-disc “Pioneers of African-American Cinema,” which showcases the largely unsung work of black artists in front of and behind the … Continue reading

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Son of Monsterpalooza Returns to Burbank

Over the last eight years, Monsterpalooza has become internationally recognized as one of the better horror events in the country. And since one Monsterpalooza a year wasn’t enough to fill the demand, Son of Monsterpalooza was born in 2012 to bring you double the … Continue reading

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Movies Till Dawn: Richard Harris vs. the Great Outdoors Double Bill

12 a.m. – “Man in the Wilderness” – Western/Action/Thriller (1971, Warner Archives Collection) Harris’s second collaboration with producer Sanford (Sandy) Howard and screenwriter Jack DeWitt (after the sadistic “Man Called Horse”) is this 19th century wilderness adventure, a success in … Continue reading

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Movie Review: “The Everly Brothers – Harmonies From Heaven”

About three minutes into “The Everly Brothers – Harmonies From Heaven,” you start to wonder why exactly this hasn’t been made years before. Keith Richards, Graham Nash, and Art Garfunkel are in the opening sequence, and they remind you (in … Continue reading

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Movies Till Dawn: Gene Wilder Tribute – “The Adventure of Sherlock Holmes’ Smarter Brother”

(1975, Kino Lorber) Gene Wilder made his directorial debut with this relentlessly silly comedy about the efforts of the Great Detective’s younger, more excitable but equally brilliant sibling, Sigerson (played by Wilder), to retrieve important state secrets before they fall … Continue reading

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Movies Till Dawn: TV Party Summer Rerun Edition (Part 2)

4 a.m. “Have Gun, Will Travel: The Hanging of Aaron Gibbs” – Western Drama (1961, CBS Home Video/Paramount Home Video) The urbane gun-for-hire known as Paladin (Richard Boone, who also directed the episode) assists a woman (played by the folk … Continue reading

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