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Let’s Rock This Joint! The Mick Rock Interview At The Morrison Hotel Gallery

Were the earth to suddenly start spitting out creative geniuses in the world of music photography, surely they would materialize at the Morrison Hotel Gallery.  The works of some of the most seminal photographers in the annals of music photography … Continue reading

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Behind The Art Behind The Music – Conversations With Ernie Cefalu – Part I

It’s one of those rare days in Los Angeles. Rare not only because it’s July and the temps are just right, but rare because I’ve just spent the day discussing rock history, album covers, anecdotes about rock icons, and art … Continue reading

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Offbeat L.A. Takes a Video Trip to the Historic & Cool Bob Baker Puppet Theater

Bob Baker Theater is the oldest puppet theater in the United States. Its founder Bob Baker passed away in November 2014, but the show must go on. Come on a fascinating 3-minute video journey with Offbeat L.A. host Nikki Kreuzer … Continue reading

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Interview: Farley Elliott on His New Book ‘LA Street Food’

One thing that has always impressed me about Farley Elliott is his dedication to thorough research. The first food article of his that I read was a search for the best burgers in LA back in 2010. And you can … Continue reading

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Vanguards Of History: Grand Central Air Terminal

The place abounds with the names of some of the most famous names in aviation history. Charles Lindbergh, Amelia Earhart, Jack Northrop, William Boeing. If someone flew into the fledgling city of angels back in the late 1920’s, they came … Continue reading

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Don the Beachcomber in Huntington Beach is in Danger of Being Closed to Build High Density Residences

Sam’s Seafood was originally started in 1923 and was remodeled to it’s current look in 1962. In 2006 it closed but was reopened in 2009 as Don the Beachcomber, one of only a few with rights to that classic name. … Continue reading

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17th Annual Jewish Sports Hall of Fame Inductees Come From All Areas of Sports

Sunday’s Jewish Sports Hall of Fame 17th Annual Induction at the American Jewish University yielded some familiar names and some not quite as familiar but equally as talented. The event, with Master of Ceremonies and Los Angeles Emmy-winning sports legend … Continue reading

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Vanguards of History: The KMPC Transmitter

Does a building have a soul? Or is a building simply a collection of walls and floor designed to house a collection of people and nondescript cubicles? Is it function over form? Perhaps…but if you look at the designs of … Continue reading

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Lodi, Grapes and Wines: The Town, the Vineyards and a Nice Tour, Part Two

In part one of this report, a wine tasting of Lodi wines led to many questions about the area. In part two of this article, we will look at Lodi, why it is such a good area for wines and … Continue reading

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VIP Opening Night “Love, Shirley Temple” At The Santa Monica History Museum

This last Wednesday night was the special opening night of “Love, Shirley Temple” VIP reception at the Santa Monica History Museum in Santa Monica. The festivities celebrated with food, drink (Shirley Temples), a host of notable child actors and stars … Continue reading

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