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SWEET TALK—Happy Thanksgiving!

Yes, it’s almost Thanksgiving, and hopefully you remembered to come home with a tin of candy behind your back and a live turkey under your arm. So far, so good. But… what about Christmas? With every bite you savor and … Continue reading

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Movie Review: “Queen Of The Desert” Screening at AFI FEST Presented By Audi

Werner Herzog‘s world premiere of “Queen Of The Desert” was met with some criticism at the Berlin Film Festival in February, yet it was nominated for a Golden Bear. So I attended this screening with particular interest to see the work … Continue reading

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Friday the 13th Mini Ink

Just a heads up: this Friday the 13th, participating tattoo shops will be offering special deals $13 (plus the suggested lucky $7 tip). Traditionally, the participating shops will have a specific choice of tattoos to pick from. The flashes are … Continue reading

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In Flander’s Fields

While considering Memorial Day, the first thing that always comes to mind is a poem my mother had hanging inside of a cupboard door when I was growing up. “In Flander’s Fields,” by physician Lieutenant-Colonel John McCrae, is the most … Continue reading

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Dearly Departed Tours Sheds Spotlight on LA’s Dark Side

Dearly Departed Tours offers several uniquely presented tours covering Hollywood, specializing in the dark, spooky side of Tinseltown. The tours are custom made taking guests into the shadows and tragic history wedged in the cracks, buried deep in the City … Continue reading

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Arlington West: A Memorial by Veterans for Peace

Every Sunday, rain or shine, Veterans for Peace erect memorial crosses and displays in the shadow of the Santa Monica pier as the sun rises. At sunset they take down the entire display, known as Arlington West, only to set … Continue reading

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Haunted Movies in Haunted Places: “Night Stalkers” at Pasadena’s Suicide Bridge Monday Night

Every day driving to work on the 134 I pass The Colorado Street Bridge. I used to think of it as The Disney Bridge because of its Beaux Arts arches and old-fashioned orb lights. But it is locally known as … Continue reading

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Capitol Studios Tour – Hollywood CA

If you’re a music lover like I am, and you’re fascinated by the entire record-making process, get thee to WAX, the Los Angeles Record Fair, going on today and tomorrow over at the Capitol Records tower in Hollywood. An optional … Continue reading

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Elite Adventure Tours go Anywhere for a Scare Year Round

Elite Adventure Tours are the foremost private luxury tour company in Southern California offering the best in family, group and individual luxury VIP tour experiences. No cramped buses, vans or fast paced tours cramming in the sights with barely a … Continue reading

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Sweet Talk—Days of Captain Chaos, Whistling Belly Buttons, and Litter Bugs

Halloween is not only a time for candy and celebrations, but it’s also a time to express yourself. Or, if you’re a kid, a time for your mom to express herself. This Halloween, I pay tribute to the Ghosts of … Continue reading

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