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“We Good?”: Marc Maron Wants to Work It Out

Stand-up comedian, podcast host, and TV super star (in my mind, anyway), Marc Maron has a few things he needs to get off his chest and has been doing so at the Trepany House every Tuesday in March with proceeds … Continue reading

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The Mating Album Covers Series Part 8

Once again, courtesy of those of those wacky and inspired collage artistes at the BCB Music Forum, Kath and Phenomenal Cat, we present for your visual delight a series of artworks that re-configure iconic imagery to create a world of … Continue reading

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As the days of our modern world whirl about us, every simple task seems to become more complicated, and Valentine’s Day is no exception. Any simple box of chocolates and flowers once would do, but now the candy shelves are … Continue reading

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Love Means Never Having to Say…

…”not tonight, honey, I have a migraine. So please put down that bouquet of long-stemmed red roses, and just shoot me now.” Essential oils for migraine may not sound as sexy as dipping yourself in chocolate sauce. But if you’re … Continue reading

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Christmas and candy just go together… there are sugar plums, lollipops, peppermints, sticky ribbon candy, and giant light-up candy canes adorning our front lawns. And where there is Christmas candy, that ambassador of good cheer, Santa Claus, cannot be far … Continue reading

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Billy’s Thursday Night Fish Fry Swims, Sizzles and Pops on a Saturday for its Year-End Blow Out!

Think of the most diverse rock concert you’ve ever attended, paired with art, a museum/galleries, a novelty store, comedians and opening acts interspersed betwixt the bands you’ve really come to see and you’ve got  Billy’s Thursday Night Fish Fry and … Continue reading

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This Saturday The Krampus Ball Kicks Off Krampusfest 2013

Looking for European Christmas furry Devil mayhem? The Krampus Ball (Saturday, December 7th) kicks off Krampusfest 2013, a multi-venue celebration of the Krampus tradition December 5 – 21. We caught up with Al Ridenour, former LA Cacophony Society leader and … Continue reading

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Thanksgiving is a national holiday celebrated on the fourth Thursday of November in the fine country ofThis day of thanks and reflection harkens back to the early days of the   who, with the help of the Native Americans, survived … Continue reading

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Se7en Deadly Scenes at J.E.T. Studios: Short Play Festival Takes off for Lively Post Halloween Fun!

Ever wonder if Charles Manson had any living offspring?—and if so, would you recognize them as such and would they possess that same wide-eyed maniacal countenance were you to ever meet haphazardly or, more intensely, be one of their coworkers? … Continue reading

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Summer is my favorite time of year, so I always reluctantly adjust to fall. I complain about this every year, despite the fact that complaining changes nothing. I’m not saying that summer is perfect; the days can be too hot … Continue reading

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