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Tonga Hut is Tiki Headquarters for Saturday’s 23rd Annual Palm Springs Festival of Lights Parade

The 23rd Annual Palm Springs Festival of Lights Parade takes place this Saturday, December 6, 2014. The Tonga Hut is bringing several tiki-based treats to the parade this year. First of all, they will be having a float in the … Continue reading

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Martha Davis – Motels, Jazz and Two LA Shows in One Great Week

Some artists hit your radar like a meteor and just as quickly veer off into the void. Others craft ‘hits’ that become mainstays of media and memory, and so remain, ever fixated, tied to a time and place, maybe even … Continue reading

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Townhouse Saloon and Del Monte Speakeasy in Venice Bring the Roaring 20’s Alive with Repeal Day Festivities this Friday

A few months before the Repeal of Prohibition Amendment, the 21st Amendment, was ratified by Congress on December 5, 1933, President Franklin D. Roosevelt signed a bill allowing the manufacturing and sale of 3.2 percent beer. His famous quote after … Continue reading

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An Interview with Spot about his New Photography Book, “Sounds of Two Eyes Opening”

Most LA musicians know Spot from his years working as a sound engineer and producer for bands like the Minutemen, the Misfits, and Black Flag. A talented musician, Spot also played bass for Panic, the precursor to Black Flag, and Nig Heist, a comical … Continue reading

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Bigmista’s Barbecue and Sammich Shop Opens in Long Beach; ‘Que Fans Rejoice!

I’d already stopped in at Bigmista’s and was sitting outside eating the most scrumptous barbecued brisket sandwich (or sammich, as ‘Bigmista’ calls them) when I felt a pat on my shoulder, followed by Neil “Bigmista’ Strawder’s saying, “I knew you’d … Continue reading

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Chef Amar Santana Will Follow Up his Culinary Success In Laguna Beach When He Opens Vaca, a Spanish Restaurant in Costa Mesa

Chef Amar Santana and his partner, Ahmed Labbate, the team behind Orange County’s critically acclaimed Broadway by Amar Santana in Laguna Beach, have announced their newest project, ‘Vaca’. Destined for a June 2015 opening in Costa Mesa, ‘Vaca’ will showcase … Continue reading

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‘Chill’ starts today at the Queen Mary, Bringing a California Christmas Experience to Everyone

Today, Christmas season starts in Southern California, as ‘Chill’ opens at the Queen Mary. The theme this year is a ‘California Christmas Experience’, so besides ice slides, ice skating, tubing and other fun things, guests will be able to enjoy … Continue reading

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The Dream Syndicate at The Echoplex Saturday 11/22 – Language, Logic and Punk

So here we are, over halfway through November. Less than six weeks left in 2014. With the looming arrival of Hanukkah and Christmas, perhaps some druid ceremony or another, or simply the turning of the last page on the calendar … Continue reading

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Queen Mary’s Jack Daniel’s Barrel Series Dinner Last Night Was a Amazing Blending of Whiskey, Stories and Great Food

The 2014 Barrel Series at the Queen Mary in Long Beach last night as a sold-out crowd enjoyed the Jack Daniel’s Dinner. Both the food, paired by Executive Chef Todd Henderson and the choices of some of Jack Daniel’s fine … Continue reading

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Orange Goblin Guitarist Joe Hoare Chats about New Album, Touring, Kids, and Elton John

By Andy Nystrom. Published in There’s Something Hard in There September 28, 2014. Joe Hoare and his Orange Goblin mates have a hunger for traveling the open road and ripping through their 10-ton, rock-solid songs on stages all over the … Continue reading

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