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Southland Tales: Skatercross

Back in September of 1978, after a year or so of idolizing all the Dogtown guys, my father took my brother and I down to Skatercross in Reseda and got us memberships; I was twelve, my brother was eight. One … Continue reading

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Southland Tales: Fear & Loathing Under The Golden Arches

Back in 2007, my wife, son and I moved into an old two-bedroom house in Valley Glen, just outside of Sherman Oaks, CA.  I think it was built back in the 1920’s or so.  The floors were all wood or … Continue reading

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LA Girl: Tonya Watts

I’ll admit right off the bat: I’m biased. I have a girl crush on Tonya Watts. Why wouldn’t I? She’s got beauty and talent (and a savvy line of beauty products, too, but I’m saving that for another post.) I … Continue reading

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LA Man: Jonathan Anastas

I’ve been after Jonathan Anastas for ages to be my LA Man. I knew he’d be perfect for it-he’s got great taste-but he’s also that LA Man in the sense that he’s a workaholic so I can never pin him … Continue reading

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Presenting our first LA Man: Laurent!

I cannot live without Laurent. He makes my shopping at Larchmont Beauty more than just shopping. In fact, he changed my entire skin care routine by introducing my skin to oils. This is a man that knows skin, beauty, and … Continue reading

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