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Singer/Actress Laura Pursell’s “The Pope of Jocelyn Hollow”: A One Woman Religious Experience with Which to Be Reckoned: This December, at The Actors Group Theatre!

Imagine if you will, an extremely riveting story, revolving around a Pope who is a woman, who also hates men (and oftentimes does not seem too keen on the women folk either). Yet, a pope has never been a woman. … Continue reading

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Movies Till Dawn: What You Could Be Watching This Weekend (Short, Sweet, Shrinking and Singing Edition)

“The Incredible Shrinking Woman” (1981, Shout! Factory) Suburban housewife Lily Tomlin’s standing in her home is diminished, both emotionally and physically, after an overabundance of cleaning and beauty products causes her to shrink to microscopic size. Inspired by the novel … Continue reading

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Susie Singer Carter’s “My Mom and the Girl” Takes Tough, yet Tender Look at Alzheimer’s via Tremendous Portrayal by Valerie Harper

“Bitch, you took my baby!” yells a mother to a daughter, amidst the shadowed walls and dimly lit rooms of your average American condo at roughly 3 o’clock in the morning; Said scenario initially conjuring up images of the best, … Continue reading

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So Long Henry RIP

Photo of Henry by Robin Riggs The Aquarium is saddened by the loss of its oldest penguin Henry, who passed away yesterday due to complications associated with his old age. At 24 years old, Henry had been showing signs of … Continue reading

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In Conversation: The Kenneth Brian Band

The Kenneth Brian Band may not be the most famous band in the world, and you may not have even heard of them, but I’d be willing to bet that at least one musician you really dig has, because they’ve … Continue reading

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Manhattan Transfer Songstress and Founder Erin Dickins has us-S-up for Her Singing: Upstairs at Vitello’s to Commemorate New Album!

Imagine if you will a halcyon Sunday afternoon in early November. Then take that late fall journey down memory lane, swinging a sudden detour across a street of the same name, hopping progressively on over to International Alley; Sprinkle it with … Continue reading

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Roky Erickson At The Roxy Theater 10.28.17

Last weekend I was blessed with a photo pass and ticket to the sold-out Roky Erickson show at The Roxy Theater. I’m a huge Roky fan, and I’ve never had the opportunity to see him play live before, so I … Continue reading

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LAist Unexpectedly Turns Out the Lights and Locks the Door

To the shock of readers and bloggers alike, today’s LAist page was replaced by an announcement that they are ceasing to publish immediately. This holds true for all of the Gothamist pages — Bostonist, SFist, Shanghaiist, et al. They were … Continue reading

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Selling Infamous Houses is Murder!

By James Colin Campbell and Elise Thompson We’ve all heard lurid stories of infamous crimes, but what happens to the homes left behind by the criminals and victims? In California, state law requires that you disclose a death on a … Continue reading

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Only the Coolest Halloween Events and None that Suck for October 31st

It’s Halloweeeeen! We couldn’t be more excited!!! So much fun stuff is happening tonight! Disobey – Anton LaVey Exhibit $50 GA, $100 VIP Lethal Amounts presents an exhibit of Anton LaVey artifacts on loan from collectors all over the world … Continue reading

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