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Movies ‘Till Dawn: Reagan-Era Nightmares

12 a.m. – “Scarecrows” – Horror (1988, Scream Factory) This supernatural thriller opens on an energetic note, with a gang of soldiers turned thieves, fresh from a big payroll heist, forced to land a stolen getaway plane (and its kidnapped … Continue reading

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DVD Review: A Kristen Wiig Double Feature

Kristen Wiig is one of the biggest breakout stars we have seen from Saturday Night Live in a long time. I didn’t always get her humor, except for the tiny baby arm sister. When I saw “Bridesmaids” I finally understood the appeal. … Continue reading

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Scare LA 2015: Let the Haunt Begin

This weekend, 10,000 haunt enthusiasts are gearing up for Scare LA ,which will creep into Pasadena Saturday August 8th, and Sunday August 9th. Over 200 vendors will display incredibly gross and life-like “mangled corpse” props and unimaginable goodies aimed at home haunters and mid-level … Continue reading

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Video Review – The Decline Of Western Civilization I, II and III

Finally, the Decline Of Western Civilization collection, Penelope Sheeris’ three-part documentary series on LA’s indigenous music scenes as observed in 1980, 1987 and 1996 is available on home video. While VHS copies of the first two have circulated for years, … Continue reading

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Movie Review: “Call Me Lucky”

“Call Me Lucky” is an award-winning documentary on influential comedian and political activist Barry Crimmins, directed by Bobcat Goldthwait. The movie follows the life of the famously grumpy, often abrasive comedian who played a critical role in establishing the 1980s … Continue reading

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“FEMINISTS: What Were They Thinking?”: A Documentary on Second Wave Feminism Takes Form

On an evening in June a small group of film makers, artists and activists gathered in a Hollywood apartment overlooking the 101 freeway and the Capitol building to view the first 22 minutes of “FEMINISTS: What Were They Thinking?” a fund-raiser … Continue reading

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Grindhouse Classics Maniac Cop 1 & 2 Screen Next Wednesday at the Egyptian Theater with William Lustig

“Maniac Cop” was originally intended to be a solid no-frills drive-in horror film with lots of guts, both literally and figuratively, and it succeeds with gritty abandon. Despite the artistic and intelligent overlay of its creators, director William Lustig (Maniac, … Continue reading

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Movie Review: “Dark Was The Night”

“Dark Was The Night” is a thriller directed by Jack Heller, starring Kevin Durand and Lukas Haas. The movie, shot mostly in cold, blue lighting, is the story of a small town called Maiden Woods that is suddenly plagued by a … Continue reading

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Starz Brings Back Evil Dead as a Television Series Starring Bruce Campbell and Lucy Lawless

“Ash vs. Evil Dead,” the first installment in the Evil Dead franchise since “Army of Darkness” in 1992, will premier on Starz Saturday, October 31 at 9 PM. The original filmmakers Sam Raimi, Rob Tapert and Bruce Campbell, along with Craig … Continue reading

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Movies Till Dawn: In Glorious Black and White

12 a.m. – “The House of Mystery” – Adventure/Drama/Serial (1921-1923, Flicker Alley) Think of this ten-episode, six-and-a-half-hour silent French melodrama as an arthouse thriller in serial form, with the best qualities of each of those styles and genres. Produced and … Continue reading

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