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The Historic Cat & Fiddle has Closed

This is a very Dickensian Christmas story about a cruel landlord willing to take away the soul of a society for a few shekels more. The closing of the Cat and Fiddle Pub is a huge loss for our community. For 32 years, this historical … Continue reading

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A Few Favorites of 2014

Here is a Year End list of favorite music, movies and books. I generally don’t read books the same year they are published, partly because I borrow from libraries more than I buy, and partly because I just tend to be … Continue reading

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Kina Grannis at the Fonda Theatre – Review and Photo Gallery

Last night I attended Kina Grannis’ concert, at the Fonda Theatre. Her spouse, Jesse Epstein (Imaginary Future) served as her opening act. Jesse performed a couple of his songs off of his recent album, “Fire Escape.” He sang his songs … Continue reading

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Rick Lawndale & Friends at House of Blues Tuesday!

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The New Video from OFF! “Over our Heads”

This video needs no introduction. Part II coming soon.

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Offbeat L.A.: Straight Out of David Lynch- The Surreal Lounge Act of Jimmy Angel

In our city fact and fiction blend seamlessly. Really what is the difference between legend, myth and the hard facts of reality? Like beauty, it is often in the eye of the beholder. In Los Angeles we know this too … Continue reading

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Tura! Tura! Tura! III at Lethal Amounts Saturday

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Beat Recommends: Motorcycle Black Madonnas Record Release Party

Since the end of the nineties, Motorcycle Black Madonnas have been one of LA’s most reliable purveyors of pounding rock and roll with an equal fondness for garage-psych hysterics and Blue Oyster Cult-ian sonic fantasy. Founding couple Marea and Jonathan … Continue reading

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Tonga Hut is Tiki Headquarters for Saturday’s 23rd Annual Palm Springs Festival of Lights Parade

The 23rd Annual Palm Springs Festival of Lights Parade takes place this Saturday, December 6, 2014. The Tonga Hut is bringing several tiki-based treats to the parade this year. First of all, they will be having a float in the … Continue reading

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Martha Davis – Motels, Jazz and Two LA Shows in One Great Week

Some artists hit your radar like a meteor and just as quickly veer off into the void. Others craft ‘hits’ that become mainstays of media and memory, and so remain, ever fixated, tied to a time and place, maybe even … Continue reading

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