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“The Bachelor” Has No Clothes!

Monday night’s “After the Final Rose” Bachelor season recap was a little bit like watching a Christian thrown to the lions. Juan Pablo, the Venezuelan Latin lover, had already weathered a pretty controversial season. Ignoring the accusations of slut-shaming, fast-talking, and … Continue reading

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So, About Black Flag In 2014

Once again, the internet is buzzing with news about Black Flag. This has been happening every couple of months for a year now, and it’s become disquieting. For twenty-five years, there was no news, because there was no Black Flag. … Continue reading

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Pondering The Future Of Automated Rock With The Men Who Make It Happen

I really enjoyed my trip to C2SV in San Jose a couple weeks ago. I got to watch amazing sets by the Lemonheads, Thee Oh Sees and the Stooges, check out the Dirty Ghosts, Talky Tinas and Curious Quail who … Continue reading

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Music In 2012: Ten Things I’ll Remember

1. The E! Network’s show Opening Act took a quick and dirty approach to the format popularized on Making The Band a decade ago – take a group of young talented unknowns, give them some development and see if a … Continue reading

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Dear Librarian…

“Dear Librarian…”  My continuing struggle against one of the oldest enemies in Los Angeles…  IGNORANCE! William B. of Bellflower asks, “Dear librarian, I’m sure you have a screed about Thanksgiving.  Can I hear it?”  Gee, William, you’re right, and I was … Continue reading

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Striking Walmart Workers Add Their Voice to ‘Black Friday’

Walmart workers, their outrage fueled by allegations of continuing low wages, erratic work hours, cuts to their benefits and the continuing termination and harassment of workers who have openly voiced criticism of management policies, marched in protest -accompanied by supporters – at stores … Continue reading

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Not to Worry, Twinkies WILL Survive the Closure of the Hostess Company

Growing up as a kid whose family were always counting their pennies, I can honestly say that I never tasted what most consumers today would call a “real” dessert until I reached my twenties. My family simply couldn’t afford to … Continue reading

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Watch the Premiere Screening of the ‘It’s a Girl!’ Film

Rita Banerji, Founder and CEO of ’50 Million Missing: a Campaign Against India’s Female Genocide: “Courteous greetings to all the readers of the LA Beat, ‘It’s a Girl!’, the much awaited new documentary film on female ‘gendercide’ in India and … Continue reading

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Stand with David Garcia to End Retaliation at Walmart Warehouses

David Garcia: “Hello to everyone at the LA Beat! Working conditions in the Walmart-contracted warehouses are bad. We are temporary workers, we make minimum wage, we have no job security, no sick days and we work in extreme temperatures lifting … Continue reading

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CA Secretary of State Urged to “Count Every Vote on Prop 37″ with New Petition

According to investigative journalist Jon Rappoport, more than one million votes on Prop 37 (the GMO labeling initiative) in California have gone uncounted to date. Since the margin of “victory” is about 600,000 votes, this means that Prop 37 may have … Continue reading

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