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Marineland’s 60 Year Anniversary

In August of 1954, Marineland of the Pacific opened to the public for the first time.  Located at the current site of the Terranea Resort on the Palos Verdes Peninsula, the park overlooked coves that had once been used by whalers. Marineland was a revolutionary … Continue reading

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Antiques Row: Bearded Lady Vintage

This little cottage in Burbank holds big surprises. Bearded Lady Vintage set up shop on the edge of Magnolia’s antiques row about a year ago. It is not your average grandma’s pearls and doll shop. Kiko and Erick, who are … Continue reading

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Aquarium of the Pacific: The Bryde and Blue Whale Harbor Breeze Viewing Excursions Begins!

The last time I embarked on a whale watching excursion it was the time of year when the Grey Whales were migrating. I was then keenly interested this round in seeing the Bryde and Blue Whales on this Aquarium of the … Continue reading

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The Grunion are Running

This month the grunion are running on July 13th and July 28th. When I was little, the grunion run was total mayhem. An entire beach covered with slippery, wriggling silver fish, swarming the beach and filling up holes people had dug … Continue reading

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There’s a Fungus Amongus

And how. If you’re wearing Uggs everyday, or, even worse, fake sheepskin boots, beware. And get ye to Whole Foods, stat, to stock up on antifungal essential oils. Those buttery-soft boots were invented by Australian surfer dudes who just wanted … Continue reading

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Seed Bombing

Turning onto the 5 North from Los Feliz, I am always delighted by the orange swath of poppies. I am grateful to whomever it was that guerrilla gardened the small meadow along the freeway. Lately I’ve been seeing blogs for seed … Continue reading

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Coming Up at the Aquarium of the Pacific

The Aquarium of the Pacific in Long Beach has several interesting programs and events scheduled for the upcoming months.  Below is a list of programs for January 2013. There is quite an assortment and should be fun for ocean and animal lovers alike. January … Continue reading

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24 Hours of Reality: The Dirty Weather Report Begins TONIGHT at 5 pm PST

Al Gore, Founder and Chairman, The Climate Reality Project Maggie L. Fox, President and CEO, The Climate Reality Project: “Dear Los Angeles Beat readers, We are pleased to invite you to join us this week when millions of people will … Continue reading

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CA Secretary of State Urged to “Count Every Vote on Prop 37″ with New Petition

According to investigative journalist Jon Rappoport, more than one million votes on Prop 37 (the GMO labeling initiative) in California have gone uncounted to date. Since the margin of “victory” is about 600,000 votes, this means that Prop 37 may have … Continue reading

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Has Science Confirmed the Existence of the Soul Through Quantum Physics

“I know that the molecules in my body are traceable to phenomena in the cosmos. That makes me want to grab people in the street and say, ‘have you heard this?!’ We are all connected: to each other biologically, to the earth chemically and … Continue reading

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