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Cat Hair vs. The World: Why this Hoover Sucks

Disclosure: The product which is discussed in this post was sent to me at no charge as a Press Preview Sample by the Hoover company. I did not buy the product. Also please note that Hoover did not pay me to … Continue reading

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Button Mash: The Perfect Bar for Your 20s

Last night was the much buzzed-about opening of Button Mash, an Echo Park bar full of retro video games and pinball machines. The big draw for us was the food, which comes courtesy of our favorite culinary duo, Starry Kitchen. … Continue reading

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Tiki Oasis Conquers the Space Age with this Weekend’s Event “Yesterday’s Future Today” August 13-16

Tiki Oasis, the long running event built around music, rum and much much more, sets down on our planet from August 13 through August 16 2015 with the theme of Yesterday’s Future, Today. This four-day tribute to the Space Age … Continue reading

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“Off the Grid” Happening Hook-Up for Live Music

Entrepreneur David Baird rocks a badass axe, a vintage Gibson L-5 or a 1954 Strat, depending on the day. He’s also the founder and CEO of Santa Monica-based, which he identifies as the leading social network for musicians, bands … Continue reading

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Alan Parsons Talks About His Upcoming LA/San Diego Concert Dates and his Book ‘Art and Science of Sound Recording’

Alan Parsons has always had show business in his blood. Part of it came from his mother, an actress, professional folksinger and harpist. Some of it came from his father, Denys Parsons, an accomplished pianist and flautist as well as … Continue reading

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In a week that both the MTV Music Awards and Coachella were blowing up with an avalanche of media hype it might come as surprise to many that there was launch of a new premium music, entertainment and sports web-based … Continue reading

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The Motherlode: Mamalicious Sweets for May 10 with the New FoodieShares App

This is Your Mother Speaking: Mother’s Day is May 10, and you owe her. Big time. Don’t blow it. Hey—she gave you life, dude. She lugged you around for nine months without complaining (okay, maybe a little complaining). She read … Continue reading

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Yum-Yum Gimme Some: New iOS App FOODIE SHARES Launches for West Side

So, what’s your culinary trip, exactly? We’ve all been there: you want to dine as a group, but you’re doing Paleo, he’s (oy) gluten-sensitive, she’s low-sodium vegan, that one’s lactose-intolerant (oy gevalt) and this one is 100% raw—please. Can’t we … Continue reading

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Take a Trip Back in Time this Weekend at the Steampunk Carnivale Aboard the Queen Mary

If all the 70s and 80s music events happening this weekend just aren’t far enough back in time for you, travel to Victorian times aboard the Queen Mary in Long Beach. Her Royal Majesty’s Steampunk Symposium is hosting a four day Carnivale. January … Continue reading

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10 Things I Want the Internet to Stop Doing in 2015

by Elina Shatkin Aside from major screw-ups like not fact-checking stories before they’re published (cough, cough Rolling Stone; cough, cough New York mag), this was the year I couldn’t stop noticing how certain annoying journalism trends seemed to reach critical … Continue reading

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