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Bare Naked Angels Disrobes Even Further to Unveil their Latest Singular Ensemble Performance Under the Guise of “Angels Unabated”!

What if everyone exposed the most painful, harrowing, challenging and interesting aspects of their lives within the context of…the commencement of a political press conference? Well this is exactly how Bare Naked Angels’ latest production of Angels Unabated commences! Culled … Continue reading

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Chaz Bono and Phoenix Fire Productions’ “Down the Road” Transports us all Sideways Up the Rabbit Hole for an Evening of Duality, Drama, and Discord!

Serial Killers: how much of what is written about them is the basic truth and how much embellished?  The number of people they claim to kill: is it accurate? Or are there more (or less) skeletons in their proverbial closet … Continue reading

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‘A Man and His Prostate’ Debuts at The Malibu Playhouse on July 11th

Veteran television writer Ed. Weinberger will be making his theatrical debut with his new comedic play ‘A Man and His Prostate’ on Saturday, July 11th, 7 pm at The Malibu Playhouse.  The play will also include a brief Q & … Continue reading

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4th of July 2015 in LA: Every Single Thing You Could Possibly Want to Do…Fireworks! Cannons! Rollercoasters! BBQ! Giant Boats Made out of Legos!

LIVE MUSIC 3-Day July 4th Celebration at the Hollywood Bowl with Smokey Robinson (July 2, 3, 4) 7:30 pm / $13.00 – $256.00 From July 2-4th, Smokey Robinson will be bringing the Motown sound to the Bowl. There will be … Continue reading

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Theatre 68’s “The Idiot Box”: Smartly Performed in Sharply Right Angled Black Box!

Some say, “Life is but a dream.” Others dub it a “bowl of cherries”, and certain movie characters’ mommas declare it a “box of chocolates.” (And just a regular box of chocolates, as opposed to an “‘idiot box’ of chocolates”.  … Continue reading

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Beyond Therapy: Young Star Maker Studio Debuts New Exciting Talent

Patrick Day of “Young Star Maker Studio” and acting-coach-to-the-stars has brought together a talented group of actors for an upcoming performance presented by The Whole Theatre at Young Actors Space called Beyond Therapy. Beginning tonight, June 5 ,and running each Friday and Saturday … Continue reading

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The Eclectic Company Theatre’s “Curious Conversations: 8 Plays Inspired by Lewis Carroll’s ‘Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland’ & ‘Through the Looking Glass’”: Inspires Psychedelic Escapades and Tweedle Fun!

When we think of parallel universes, so often we muse upon existences wherein Pauley Shore is president of the United States rather than Barack Obama (Bud-dy!).  A reality wherein Elvis Presley, did NOT fake his own death, as in another … Continue reading

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Ted Lange’s “The Journals of Osborne P. Anderson”: Opens in a World Premiere to Awed and Standing Ovation!

People who need overthrowing?  This world will never experience a dearth of such disturbing denizens but none stand out so dramatically as slave owners and slave owner supporters the nation over–at the apex of the conflict that would ultimately foreshadow … Continue reading

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New American Theatre’s “63 Trillion”: Pricelessly Performed to Plentiful Applause!

What if the financial world as we knew it suddenly went “radioactive” and crashed more dramatically than in 2008? You’d see a lot more glassy-eyed, white knuckled white guys lope to safe deposit boxes than we’ve ever not seen the … Continue reading

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Mark Taper Forum’s Immediate Family: Yields Instant Intrigue, Outrage, and Integrity

You know how sometimes a man goes out and philanders? Ever wonder what would happen if all the children he had sired both legitimately and illegitimately came together?  Would they fight?  Would it be awkward?  Would they take to each … Continue reading

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