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“Afraid of Karma” Brings Cyrenne’s Dark Dream to Life

“If you get this in front of the right young women, you could change their lives.” The quote above is from show attendee Lexie Lowell about “Afraid of Karma,” an avant-garde multimedia show created by Harmony Jupiter (Cyrenne). “Karma” is about Jupiter … Continue reading

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Theatre 40’s American Wee-Pie: From Getting a Piece of the Pie, to Eating your Cake but Not Having it Too, to Pie in the Sky Pastry Pushing on Forward!

Imagine, if you will, living a most mundane life, just trying to make a piece of the pie only to discover that an ever bigger piece could be obtained through slinging baked goods yourself. This is exactly what Theatre 40 … Continue reading

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A Celebration of the 60th Anniversary of Alan Ginsberg’s HOWL

Tuesday, April 7, 2015, at 7:30pm, Hal Willner will present a celebration of Allen Ginsberg’s HOWL, featuring a cast of characters almost as surreal as the poem itself. The event is billed as “part comedy show, part concert.” Performers as diverse … Continue reading

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Offbeat L.A.: Jesus Wants Me for a Sunbeam- A Surreal Easter Passion Play at Vasquez Rocks

No matter what your spiritual leanings, you have to admit that some of the pomp and circumstance that goes into celebrating religious holidays is quite magical. Whether gussied up for the masses or stripped down to the bare essentials, belief … Continue reading

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Paley Fest 2015 Will be Live Streaming

The Paley Fest opens this weekend at The Dolby Theater at Hollywood and Highland. The Paley Center “brings fans together with the talent behind their favorite shows. The audience enjoys episodes or highlights of the featured work, followed by panel discussions and Q&A.” Tickets … Continue reading

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Cathy Rigby Soars in Seussical the Musical at the Redondo Beach Performing Arts Center

3D Theatricals is presenting Seussical the Musical for one week only at The Redondo Beach Performing Arts Center. The production is directed and choreographed by David Engel and stars gymnast and former Peter Pan, Cathy Rigby, reprising her role as Cat in … Continue reading

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New American Theatre’s Festival of One Acts: From a Fruitful Flurry of F&*ks to Fighting as Fore-Foreplay Equals Fun for All!

An FCC Defying “Fuck” Fanatic Filmmaker, a father afraid to walk his daughter down the aisle at a wedding that is hers and hers alone, gay lovers in the midst of an irritable eternal break up, a psychotic stuffed bear … Continue reading

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Unknown Artists’ “The Girl is Still Here”: A Superior Celebration of Songstressy!

Picture Carole King and Joni Mitchell as a songstress/poetess duet; first in middle school, followed by womanhood, then into sage and wise goddesshood, throw in a slight flavor of Dixieland Jazz and you’ve got, The Unknown Artists’ Production of The … Continue reading

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DOMA’s Jesus Christ Superstar Makes Avid Fans of us All!

What would you say to the story of Jesus’ demise imparted as a present day version in the combined styles of The Matrix, A Clockwork Orange, Seattle Grunge scene, and Woodstock all recorded via TMZ?  “Well, I never thought I’d … Continue reading

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New American Theatre’s Production of “Boys’ Life”: A Mature Examination of an Era Past

Imagine if you will, dating in the 80s and/or — let me rephrase that — being and becoming a man in the eighties and having to deal with women, their confusions, their complexities when really, you as the man are … Continue reading

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