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Crappy Classics: Brides of Blood

As long as we are on the topic of Monsters on a tropical island, here is the 2nd half of the double feature. The first film of the blood island trilogy, unless you count “Terror Is A Man” some years … Continue reading

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The New Video from OFF! “Over our Heads”

This video needs no introduction. Part II coming soon.

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Crappy Classics: Deadly Eyes aka The Rats

The first kill of the movie is a baby, A MUTHAFUCKIN BABY! The baby is eaten by large hormone imbalanced rats played by puppets and daschunds in rat costumes. It’s bad movie heaven.

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Crappy Classics: Eyes without a Face

If you feel like trying the Hulu Plus site for free for a month you can catch all sorts of creepy stuff on the Criterion Collection. This artistic and classy chiller was not only very morbid and gruesome for its … Continue reading

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Crappy Classics: Dear Dead Delilah (1972)

Dreadfully directed and lensed like crap the gore and the cast of old timers refusing to give a bad performance for a bad film make this worth a one time watch.

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Crappy Classics: The Bat

Corny as Hell but Price and Agnes Moorehead give it some snap crackle pop. The young female is Darla Hood from the Little Rascals all grown up.

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Crappy Classics: The Night Stalker (1972)

Another great TV made horror movie helmed by Dan Curtis and written by Richard Matheson. Great film noir and Dragnet vibe. I met the actor who played the vampire. He looked almost nothing like his character, plus he had a … Continue reading

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Le Reverie’s Allie Jorgen Talks About Their Music and the Upcoming Rockers Against Cancer 3 Benefit Show

Allie Jorgen was sitting in a club when what can only be described as a moment of Kismet occurred. “This particular situation came together in 2010, the drummer and I were at a club watching a band and the keyboard … Continue reading

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The Infamous McKamey Manor Considers Toning it Down

According to a video posted by Russell McKamey on October 1st of this year, McKamey Manor has come to the conclusion that they need to mellow out a little bit. This decision was in response to having to remove two members of the … Continue reading

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Tony Bee of the Adolescents Sings “No Way” with the Descendents @ Fox Theater Pomona

Last night Fox Theater in Pomona hosted a veritable South Bay reunion with members of OFF! and the Descendents taking the stage. During the encore, one more punk rock legend, Tony Bee of the Adolescents joined the Descendents to sing … Continue reading

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