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LA Emergency Rally: Down with Trump! 11/10/16

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Blood and Acid: When the First VCRs Gave us Cult Movies

The advent of videotapes in the late 70s and early 80s brought the movie experience into the home for the first time. No longer were we slaves to whatever was on the Friday Night movie, and an entire library of … Continue reading

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Movie Review: “The Everly Brothers – Harmonies From Heaven”

About three minutes into “The Everly Brothers – Harmonies From Heaven,” you start to wonder why exactly this hasn’t been made years before. Keith Richards, Graham Nash, and Art Garfunkel are in the opening sequence, and they remind you (in … Continue reading

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Los Angeles Magazine’s Inaugural “Burgers, Bourbon + Beer” At The Victorian

I entered the The Victorian last Wednesday to view a large open area to the side of the building where some of the best restaurants in the Los Angeles area were represented. Contestants in the burger contest included Simmzy’s, Cannibal, E.R.B., Malibu Cafe, Jitlada, … Continue reading

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Keith Morris at the Release Party for “My Damage” at Skylight Books

Keith Morris speaks and reads from “My Damage” for his book launch at Skylight Books in Los Felix. Keith shares his first concert experience. Then Keith explains how him and Brendon Mullen of The Masque became friends at a gig … Continue reading

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“Mötley Crüe: The End” Premieres in Theaters

In early 2014, Mötley Crüe announced they would embark on a two year final tour saying goodbye to the fans, celebrating their history, and going out on top with all four original members. The band played over 70 arenas in the U.S. … Continue reading

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Petra Haden Re-releases Two Albums on Vinyl

On April 21st, Bar None Records released Petra Haden’s first two solo works on vinyl. Petra Haden has been a member of That Dog and recently sang with her two sisters, Rachel and Tanya, as The Haden Triplets to honor … Continue reading

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The Julie Ruin is Back with a New Video

Kathleen Hanna, the frontperson for Bikini Kill, Le Tigre and Julie Ruin had to take a sabbatical from the stage in 2005 due to an extreme case of Lyme disease. Anyone who has seen The Punk Singer is aware of her struggles, and also of … Continue reading

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What is a Mahna Mahna Anyway?

I only have to sing, “Mahna mahna” and you will be forced to sing “doo doo da doo doo.” It’s kind of like, “Shave and a haircut,” there is a cultural imperative for you to finish the refrain. Even though it … Continue reading

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The LA Beat Interview With Manika About Her Hit “I Might Go Lesbian (Featuring Tyga)”

I had a little time set aside to chat with Manika about her salacious and cleverly penned hit “I Might Go Lesbian: featuring Tyga” that strays into some of Manika’s other interest of  Love Line radio show, her TV show … Continue reading

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