New Moon: God of Hellfire

Saturday’s new moon in Aries = let me stand next to your fire. That’s your fire – if you want to invite others to share your S’mores, go for it, but this one belongs to you. Tired of feeling beholden, second place, or in someone’s shadow?  Say “I’m done,” and mean it.  We’ve got the Ace of Wands’s purifying fire (think of it as a massive cleansing/sageing of all the stale, cobweb-y, and dusty gunk in your life) telling us to jump on that inspirational flash. Be your own Roman Candle.

This vibrant pushy-push is great to clear any struggling, brain foggy, caffeine-and-vitamins-aren’t-cutting-it lethargy. Still reeling from our eclipse double-whammy? This moon will fill up your tank. It’s up to you to hit the gas and go, baby, go.


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Gurf Morlix Debuts His New Album ‘Eatin’ At Me’ Tonight at McCabe’s

raw-2A new album from Gurf Morlix is always a challenge. I never know if I’m going to like the writing, the playing, the singing or the sound design/recording best. Listening to Gurf’s newest release, Eatin’ At Me, the past couple of weeks didn’t make resolving that dilemma any easier. So I’ll come at it from a different direction and offer up that whatever it might have been that was eatin’ at Gurf enough to get him to take pen and guitar in hand and come up with this set of exquisitely crafted, performed and recorded songs – on this album, he bites right back.

There are artists that get angry at trouble (whether trouble is a relationship gone bad, or a friend who’s gone and gotten himself murdered, as happened to Gurf’s long time buddy and songwriting legend Blaze Foley) and there are artists that get blue. But there isn’t a songwriter I can think of that does a better job of looking trouble (past, present or future tense) right in the god-dammed eye and calling it out for what it is. That he does this with his own unique brand of wizened resignation and wistful humor only adds to the compelling nature of his work. Because most of us aren’t really going to kick the worlds ass over some wrong, real or imagined; and we aren’t going to jump from a bridge to end it all, or retreat forever into a pipe or a bottle either. So when an artist of integrity and insight provides a lyrical canvas upon which some of our own joys, doubts, fears and sorrows are captured and shown back to us – we listen. Continue reading

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Fideo by Mick Brings Luscious, Creative Noodle Bowls to Irvine

Beef Massaman Curry Bowl. Photo by Ed simon for The Los Angeles Beat.

Fideo by Mick is the latest endeavor by the creator of what is considered Orange County’s best, most creative burger bar, the well known Mick’s Karma Bar. Conveniently, Fideo is located next to the Karma Bar, so those who are not quite as adventurous eaters can grab a delicious burger and dine at the same tables outside with their friends who have partaken of Mick’s interesting take on some noodle dishes. Even though the noodle bar has been open a scant few weeks, Mick’s idea of doing a limited number of dishes but doing them well makes for a restaurant that is a success right from the start.

Fideo specializes in noodle dishes and does them amazingly well. Mick has four varieties of noodle bowls on the menu now with an eye to adding two more dishes soon. The bowls are Mick’s own creations, combining flat ramen noodles that he receives fresh every day with his different sauce creations. Mick is a big proponent of slow-stewing, a great way through history of coaxing the maximum amount of flavors from the meats and sauces that he uses. The noodles themselves are on of the keys to Mick’s bowls. He gets them delivered fresh daily from one of the major suppliers of ramen noodles to many of the top ramen restaurants in the county. The noodles are cooked in the same manner as you would find in a top quality ramen-ya, to a perfect al dente. These noodles are great for the curries Fideo sells, literally sucking in the richly flavored curry sauces into the noodles so every bite has a nice blend of texture and flavor. Continue reading

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Taco Madness 2015 Sunday! Sunday! Sunday!


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King’s Legendary Paradise Cake

Paradise Cake King's Hawaiian

You probably know about King’s Hawaiian Bread from their sweet fluffy little buns. You might even know that their factory is here in Torrance, which is also home to two King’s Restaurant and Bakeries. Some of the food is pretty good, especially the chicken katsu and kalua pork. But what really puts these bakeries on the map is their three-layer Paradise Cake.

The founder of King’s in Hawaii, Robert Taira, came up with the Paradise Cake after founding his bakery in Hilo during the 1950s. During the 70s, Taira started production in Torrance, and opened the first restaurant on Sepulveda in 1988. In 2012 the smaller Local Place Bakery & Café was opened right next to the factory.

The Paradise is a chiffon cake boasting three layers, each with its own tropical flavor — guava (pink), passion fruit (yellow), and lime (green). The layers are filled with whipped cream, and the top is decorated with guava, passion fruit and lime nectar glaze. The chiffon cake is lighter than sponge cake, and lightly sweetened, unlike many sugary Hawaiian delicacies. The fruit flavors meld together perfectly, but it is also fun to eat each layer separately because it makes you feel like a little kid. If all of that isn’t enough to blow your mind, King’s also serves a Tropical Cheesecake with the same three layers. So get your sweet, fluffy little buns down there.

All photos by Elise Thompson for the LA Beat

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Offbeat L.A.: Ripe For the Pickin’- Experience Farm Life at Underwood Farms in Moorpark

Strawberries, Fava Beans and Lettuce at Underwood Farms (photo by Nikki kreuzer_

Strawberries, Fava Beans and Lettuce at Underwood Farms (photo by Nikki Kreuzer)

The author and some freshly picked romaine lettuce (photo by Thom Kreuzer)

The author and some freshly picked romaine lettuce (photo by Thom Kreuzer)

Most of us buy our fruit and vegetables at the grocery store, and although we technically know that our food comes from farming the earth, there is inherently a disconnect in the food to table process. Even when we use farmer’s markets and deal directly with the people growing our food, we are missing a link in the proverbial chain. We miss out on smelling the fresh clean air and feeling the dirt in our hands as we pull a vegetable by the roots from the dark, rich soil. We miss the heart and soul connection to the land and the satisfaction of the selection and gathering process. Even though agriculture is one of our mainstays here in California, and the rest of the country depends on us for the majority of their produce, it is still a remote concept to most of us who live in the city. Luckily, a fun option can be found that turns the farming/picking process into a day’s adventure in less than an hour’s drive from L.A. Continue reading

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‘A Day In The Life Of Miles Davis’ Photo Exhibit By Glen Craig April 15 – May 11 At Leica Gallery

Photo by Glen Craig

Photo by Glen Craig

This Thursday from 6-9pm catch a rare and intimate glimpse of music legend Miles Davis as shot by photographer Glen Craig at the Leica Gallery which is hosting an opening reception for A Day In The Life Of Miles Davis. Glen Craig got his start in music photography with a chance meeting with BB King. Now a much celebrated photographer who has shot such musical luminaries as B.B. King, Johnny Cash, Gene Vincent, Jerry Lee Lewis, Little Richard, Chuck Berry, Aretha Franklin The Beatles, The Rolling Stones, The Who, Jimi Hendrix, Eric Clapton, The Beach Boys, The Doors and James Brown.

There was a key period of 3 weeks during the early 70’s when Glen Craig had the opportunity to shoot Miles Davis. The exhibition reflects that 3 week period where Craig documented Miles’ daily life in an intimate manner, exposing the inner working of the artist both offstage and in concert at the Fillmore East in New York. Craig’s photographic work appears as part of the album packaging for Miles At The Fillmore – Miles Davis 1970: The Bootleg Series Vol. 3Erin Davis, Cheryl Davis and Vince Wilburn, Jr., photographer Glen Craig with other special guests will be attending the opening night festivities. You can see these images up close for the run of the exhibition from April 15 – May 11. Leica Gallery is located at 8783 Beverly Blvd. Los Angeles 90048. Leica Gallery is open to the public Monday thru Saturday from 10am to 5 pm, Sunday 12pm to 5pm.Miles Flyer


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watt’s picture of the week – tuesday, april 14, 2015


yesterday I got to be a guest on “wtf with marc maron” and it sure a was a blast, me getting to windbag to him some olde-timey infos about some olde-timey days. he jams econo, just him there w/a little bit of machinery to do it but it was like it wasn’t even there, we just rapped for a good while… it’s in like a little prac pad he’s got in the back of his highland park place. he’s got good focus. an honor to be aboard.

photo by mike watt

– – – – –

mike watt’s hoot page

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All Photos © Billy Bennight for The Los Angeles Beat

All Photos © Billy Bennight for The Los Angeles Beat

In a week that both the MTV Music Awards and Coachella were blowing up with an avalanche of media hype it might come as surprise to many that there was launch of a new premium music, entertainment and sports web-based platform called “OZ Creators World.” This is an event that could prove to be a game changer in web-based programming. Hailing from Iceland, is headed by creative entrepreneur Gudjon Gudjonsson with the driving concept of connecting artist and entertainment directly with their fan base. I was able to engage in the experience at a cocktail reception at the Ace Hotel highlighting this fan and Creator oriented platform with real time demonstrations. Part of the evening’s plan was followed these demonstrations while enjoying a live concert by some of Iceland’s best bands, featuring Samaris, Retro Stefson, and GusGus. The new service connects fans, though a modest monthly subscription fee, to their favorite artist or form of entertainment on an exclusive and intimate level without commercial interruption, which frees up the artist from commercial constraints and generate content focused for their fan base. offerers a polished and engaging platform that benefits both the consumer and the creator.

Photo Gallery After The Break Continue reading

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Wednesday Nights are More Fun as Long Beach’s Brix at the Shore Debuts Wednesday Night Wine Flights

Spanish Harlem Flatbread with wine flight, 2014. Photo by Ed Simon for The Los Angeles Beat

Starting tomorrow and running every Wednesday night, Brix at the Shore in Long Beach is running a handful of very special events. First, owner and Sommelier Rich Reich is going to lead a set of Wednesday night wine Flights. The tasting of five wines in each flight will cost as little as $5.00 depending on the evening’s vintages. When asked what the role of a sommelier is, Reich replies “A sommelier is supposed to lead the way, not intimidate people to the point of making decisions for them.” He added that he tries to teach his guests what they like on their own versus telling them what they’re supposed to like.

To go along with the evening’s choice of wines, Brix at the Shore will be featuring a steak Night with a beef culotte steak for $10.00. If desired, you can add a latke (potato pancake) and kale salad for an extra $6.00. The culotte steak, a boneless cut from the sirloin cap and extremely tender, is a lean cut and extremely delicious. It should be a perfect accompaniment for the Wednesday Evening Wine Flights. Continue reading

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