Relax! They Can’t Take Your Milky Bar Away.

Cadbury's CrunchieAs near as I can gather among the shrieking panic of social media, Cadbury can no longer export their chocolate to the US.  It seems Cadbury licensed Hershey’s to produce American-made Cadbury. American-made Cadbury has more sugar, more emulsifiers and less milk than the Cadbury chocolate from the UK. People are understandably upset.  In the settlement, Let’s Buy British Imports (LBB) will also stop importing Kit Kats, Yorkie, Maltesers, and Toffee Crisps because they are too similar to Hershey’s products or packaging.

But it is not as dire as it seems. At this juncture it appears those are the only chocolates affected.  Not all of your favorite British chocolate bars are produced by Cadbury. True, you will have to get your Flake, Crunchie, or Curlywurlys on the black market from now on, but Cadbury is not the only game in town.

There are three major candy companies in the UK — Mars, Nestle and Cadbury. Mars and Nestle can still export most of their chocolate bars to the US. Mars sells my personal favorite candy bar, Bounty, as well as Flight, Galaxy, Turkish Delight and obviously, the Mars Bar with the black wrapper. Celebrations Chocolates and Quality Street can take the place of Cadbury’s Roses. Nestle manufactures Lion, Aero, Smarties, Milky Bar, Milkybar Buttons, and Caramac.

So relax, proceed in a calm and reasonable manner to your local import shop and stock up on your Dairy Milk bars. They can probably be imported from Canada, or we could start a co-op and import Cadbury’s ourselves from English online stores. Then we can be bootleggers.

Photo by Alpha vis Flickr

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LA Girl: Jennifer Ilene Perry

Lately I’ve been eschewing driving and Uber-ing it. What a relief to have someone else drive, while I get to enjoy Los Angeles through fresh eyes and meet interesting people.  Having Jennifer show up made me want to joyride all day rather than work.


A working photographer, stylist, and costume designer, Jennifer is a seasoned entertainment biz vet, model, actress, and a Reiki Master (traditional Usui as well as Kundalini Reiki), so she knows the workings of inner and outer beauty.

Bragg’s organic apple cider vinegar; ACV honey and water cocktails as well as full concentrate for facial face exfoliation. (I do this also and it’s the best toner I’ve ever found.)

Yes to Blueberries Moisturizer

I use the VISS IPL  Skin Rejuvenation for  hyperpigmentation and renewal with great results! At night, I sleep with an infrared sauna suit on the low setting.  For exercise, I use the Crazy Fit Vibration Plate and Rebounding.

I studied Kundalini Yoga with Gurmukh at Golden Bridge years ago and continue to practice meditation and yoga at home. It’s traditional and spiritual.  The new moon report on StarIq is my go-to calendar; I’ll  research my chart and others  -especially anyone I am dating! I google the major shifts to get multiple viewpoints.

All along with organic food, alkaline water, and self love.

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$3 All Night Happy Hour at Edwin Mills in Pasadena


Happy Hours can be really inconvenient unless your job has a serious drinking culture and 40 hours a week just isn’t enough time to hang out with your co-workers. Most of us would rather take a breather, change clothes and arrange a ride before going out. Luckily, late night Happy Hours have become a trend. Edwin Mills goes one step further by offering a $3 Happy Hour from 4pm til closing on Tuesdays and Thursdays. The Happy Hour is also offered on Fridays from 4pm-7pm.

So what do you get for $3? Bottled domestic beers, well drinks, specialty martinis and a small selection of appetizers. There are ten different fruit-based martini cocktails. Our favorites were those mixed with real fruit juice – Strawberry, Lychee, Lemon-Berry Bliss, and Pomegranate. A few of the flavors, like Sour Apple and Juicy Watermelon use Puckers, so what you lose in fresh juice you gain in higher alcohol content.

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Localchella is a Stupid Name, but Here is the Lineup


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Photo Essay: Cedar Grove at Griffith Park


I recently learned that my favorite spot in Griffith Park has a name: Cedar Grove. It’s a beautiful patch of lush greenery that stands out from the rest of the park, and it boasts two picnic tables, large rocks to sit on, and lovely views of the city. If you need some form of dandelion break, you can reach it by driving up Commonwealth Avenue in Los Feliz, passing some gorgeous houses, until it dead-ends in the park. Then you follow the road to the left that is blocked off to vehicles, which winds along side the golf course and then forks to the right; take the right and then you’re on your way. You can’t miss the line of tall trees that will appear before long, up high and tiered as if they’re overseeing the lesser, shrubby plants. Here are some photos from over the weekend:

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Movies ‘Till Dawn: Saturday Morning Matinee Theater – “Stingray”

9 a.m. “Stingray” – “Titan Goes Pop” – Children’s Programming/Science Fiction

51Z17IFqDdL(1964, Shout! Factory/Timeless Media Group) Intentionally funny episode of the popular Gerry Anderson “Supermarionation” series “Stingray” (1964-1965) which pokes fun at both mainstream culture’s bafflement over rock and roll and teenaged hysteria over pop idols. Series “star” (he’s top-billed) Troy Tempest and the WASP (World Aquanaut Security Patrol) are assigned to supervise singing sensation Duke Dexter during a top-secret performance at their Marineville base. However, silver-faced chief villain King Titan catches wind of the plan and dispatches his chronically inept henchman X-Two-Zero to abduct Dexter in the hopes of using his wailing guitar and screaming fans to induce chaos among the surface dwellers. While Anderson’s lock-jawed, perpetually twitching Supermarionettes are more likely to induce giggles than thrills in 21st century viewers (though due entirely to the passage of time and technical invention than any sort of construction ineptitude), the visual effects remain impressive, even by current CGI standards, with the sleek title vehicle and elaborate Marineville set worthy of the most praise. There’s also a lot of broad humor in the script: how else to describe the marble-mouthed Duke Dexter, who bears a strong resemblance to Dash Riprock from “The Beverly Hillbillies,” or X-Two-Zero’s “rock and roll” disguise – a wild frightwig mane, striped beatnik t-shirt and an “I Like Duke” sign? The combination of gentle camp, genuinely fine special effects and offbeat laughs, as well as an affinity for youth/pop culture inform many of the 39 episodes that comprise “Stingray’s” TV run, which are compiled on Shout! Factory’s 5-disc set along with an interview with Anderson himself.

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Mitch Hara’s “Mutant Olive” Universalizes and Re-Colors Abuse into Actualization!

Photo Courtesy of Ed Krieger

Photo Courtesy of Ed Krieger

What would you do if your familial epithetical namesake just happened to imply an unfortunate genetic accident on top of one of the most unattractive colors in the Western Hemisphere, and one of the worst tasting fruits in modern civilization?  Well, if you’re Mitch Hara you would scoff at how the color clashes with every known palette in the Milky Way Galaxy, delight in the notion that perhaps your own DNA differed slightly from your most dysfunctional family of origin (if even to freakish effect) and write a play about it!—a one man show to be precise!

It is a somewhat cozy but emergently lively night at the Lounge Theatre on Santa Monica Blvd as ambient theatergoers the city over trickle–then flood–into the vibrant lobby itself Continue reading

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Southland Tales: Caddyshack

Photo by Lucas Essington

Photo by Lucas Essington

I remember reading an article about ten plus years back about how the majority of all American men use the movies Caddyshack and The Godfather as a basis in which to bond. The article went on to explain that by trading certain lines back and forth you show that you are “one of them.” For example, someone says, “Do you take drugs, Danny?” You would have to reply back with: “Everyday.” Obviously this banter could go on and on depending on how deep you went into this movie. But you get the gist.

It reminded me of an insurance company I worked for during the early nineties, one afternoon I got invited to lunch with a bunch of manager trainees, you know the type – prim and proper at work then at night they become college frat boys – anyway, they start discussing this new procedure that they’re trying change and how upper management is trying to stop them, so this guy, Frank, says, “It’s time to go to the mattresses.” I let out a chuckle, and Frank says, “Yeah, Essington knows what I’m talking about,” and he gives me a thumbs-up. I nodded. Now, did I chuckle as part of this “bonding process” over a Godfather quote? No, actually I stifled a laugh because I always found it funny that certain people equated their job to war or mafia-type violence.

I had a boss, years ago, that had a hardcover edition of the Art of War on his desk, really dude?

Regardless of my intention, Frank and I had bonded because I understood his quote.

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Brian Walsby: Hollywood Movie Adaptions


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Chaos in the Kitchen: Recipes From All Your Favorite Punk Bands by Willy Jak and Brad Persley

Chaos in the Kitchen coverMusician Willy Jak of the Dayglo Abortions has always seen a connection between punk rock and cooking. A discussion with Dave Witte of Municipal Waste inspired him to compile the recipes he had been collecting from other musicians while touring, along with some new additions. Each recipe is prefaced by personal comments from the musician. The Dayglos are from Victoria BC, and there is a definite Canadian vibe in these pages. There is even a dish from my ancestral people, the oft-overlooked Metis.

“Chaos in the Kitchen” is well-organized, and recipes include clear and detailed directions, albeit with an occasionally threatening tone, “…DON’T OVERCOOK OR LEAVE THE KITCHEN OR I WILL KILL YOU.” (-Randy Rampage, DOA).

Dishes vary from the simple – Bruce Calderwood’s Loose Nuts, to the complex – Gor Gor Eggs, an elaborate take on Scotch Eggs by Balsac the Jaws of Death from GWAR. There is everything from healthy salads to Felix Griffin’s hardcore Chicken Fried Steak. Adventurous types will not be disappointed. As much as we love Tony Bee of the Adolescents, we won’t be in a hurry to try his grilled cheese with fiery serrano peppers.

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