Interview: Thorsten Schütte, Director of “Eat that Question”

Tequila Mockingbird chats with Thorsten Schütte, Director of The Zappa film “Eat that Question” 

How long are you in the states?

I was here for two weeks, and I am traveling to San Francisco, New York, and then we stay in New York basically for a public press promo for the Zappa film. It is for the distributor of the film.

The distribution is through Sony Films, isn’t it?

They purchased the film at the Sundance film festival. And we are happy about that, you know, I’ve never had a film theatrically released in the US, so we are looking forward to the experience.

Is this your first time in the US? Since you first started the project?

Well, I’ve been here for the project several times, and last time was Sundance, and before that, it was when we showed the film to Gail Zappa. When she was still alive. But I haven’t been to the east coast in a very long time. I have been mainly coming to Los Angeles for the past few years.

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watt’s picture of the week – monday, august 15, 2016


yesterday I got to witness history in the making: after twenty-five years (see a video of them playing back then) at casa hanzo here in my pedro town supersession started recording their definitive album w/pete mazich on the knobs. from left to right in this shot is raymond pettibon, ricky sepulveda, dirk vandenberg and ray farrell – accept no substitutes!


photo by mike watt

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It’s Time for LA Food and Wine and the LA Times’ The Taste: Compare and Contrast

For department stores, the big rush is around Christmastime. For schools it’s all about September. For LA foodies, it all happens as August slides into September. It is the peak of event season, with two of the biggies happening on consecutive weekends. So how do you decide which one is for you?

Grand Friday night

LA Food and Wine (LAFW)

August 25 – 28, 2016


LA Food and Wine is a 4-day food extravaganza. There are a number of intimate lunches at acclaimed restaurants around the city, along with five gigantic food events culminating with The Grand Tastings and Live on Grand. Saturday night’s Live on Grand also features a concert. This year the featured act is De La Soul. This is the fourth year of the annual event, which was founded with partners like FOOD & WINE and Lexus. The vibe is a bit elegant, with some guests sporting suits and high fashion. High-end ingredients like foie gras and uni usually make an appearance.


Lunches take place at happening new restaurants like Otium, 71 Above and The Arthur J. The larger events take over Grand Avenue at 1st Street Downtown, covering the entire street with a giant red carpet. The Disney Hall and the lights of the city create a stunning and glamorous background. This year there is a new location for the Lexus Grand Tastings on Saturday and Sunday. The Barker Hangar in Santa Monica will be transformed into a culinary wonderland.

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Lemmy Memorial Statue to be Unveiled at The Rainbow

Lemmy Memorial

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Scare LA – Well, Not Too Scary, But a Heap of Grisly Fun

Scare LA (All photos by Amber Clark for The LA Beat)

Scare LA (All photos by Amber Clark for The LA Beat)

Ever since I found out about Transworld’s Haunted Attractions Association (HAA), I’ve been envious of the massive tours of off-season haunts they attend. They are known for demos of the scariest and most complex designs of puppetry, animations and new forms of optical illusions that take place around the country for those getting into the haunt business, or those horror fans who just want to hob knob and reluctantly shell out the cash to get that ridiculously expensive Dragon Robot. The special effects lure teens and gore hounds to the thousands of Halloween and tourist attractions that take place every year. With last weekend’s Scare L.A. convention, I was able to get in on all of the fun.

Although the tone for Transworld is “Go Big,” the theme for Scare L.A. is “Just do It.” The annual event is all about DIY tips for props, simple makeup, mask-making, and faux finishes that make a memorial plaque for yourself look like weathered copper (along with shopping for the coolest shirts ever). Beside the rows of evil clown heads and life-sized marionettes of Ripley fighting the queen alien and her consorts, were long lines of folks waiting to get into the large conference rooms. Fans are happy to get even a tease about the upcoming Knotts Scary Farm, Universal Horror Nights, and intellectual properties like Wicked Lit or the in-your-face creations of Blackout and Alone.

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Movies Till Dawn: Super ’70s Shock Show Double Feature

12 a.m. – “Invasion of the Body Snatchers” – Science Fiction/Horror

product_images_modal_IOTBSCover72dpi__7B3e438a5b-c6b8-4d59-8306-83fa23e64ec5_7D(1978, Shout Factory) Health Department workers Donald Sutherland and Brooke Adams discover – far too late – that the reason for their fellow San Francisco residents’ strange behavior isn’t exorbitant rent, but a horde of intelligent alien spores with designs on replacing humans with physically exact but unemotional clones. Director Philip Kaufman’s creepy remake benefits from a mix of the breathless paranoia of the first film adaptation by Don Siegel in 1956 and some truly icky special effects, shot through with some mordant observations on the self-obsessed self-help culture of the period, as embodied by Leonard Nimoy’s smug pop psychiatrist (when Adams’ boyfriend, Art Hindle, starts acting like an automaton, Nimoy suggests, with a straight face, that it’s probably because he wants out of the relationship). Though nothing in the film generates indelible shivers like the sight of Kevin McCarthy running through traffic, screaming “They’re already here!” after discovering the aliens’ scheme at the end of the Siegel film (which Kaufman has McCarthy reprise in his version), the remake maintains a slow-spreading chill throughout its running time, and features several alarming standout moments, including the discovery of early-stage clones in a bathhouse owned by Jeff Goldblum and Veronica Cartwright, and the final scene, which reveals the fate of the two leads. Shout Factory’s excellent Blu-ray ports over a number of extras from the 2003 and 2010 DVD/Blu-ray editions, including interviews with Kaufman, Sutherland, writer W.D. Richter and cinematographer Michael Chapman and a commentary by Kaufman, and adds a wealth of new material, including interviews with Adams, Hindle and jazz pianist Denny Zeitlin (who composed the score), as well as a second commentary by Steve Haberman (well informed, as usual) and “Time is Just a Place,” a 1955 episode of “Science Fiction Theatre” that also drew on Jack Finney’s “The Body Snatchers” for its story.

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The 9th Annual Surf Guitar 101 Convention Comes to Alpine Village this Saturday

surf guitar 101There is no better place than Southern California, the birthplace of surf music, to celebrate the genre with the 9th annual Surf Guitar 101 Convention. On Saturday, August 13, from noon til midnite, a gathering of members of, a website dedicated to surf guitar, will take over Alpine Village in Torrance.

Live bands include Crazy Aces, The Secret Samurai, Kelp, Tikiyaki, George Tomsco of The Fireballs, the reunion of the Space Cossacks, Italy’s Bradipos IV, Russia’s masters of horror Surf, The Messer Chups, and Dutch trailblazers The Phantom Four, featuring Surf music historian John Blair. There will also be prizes, a performance by original members of Surf Jam, and a tribute to The Original Surfaris (and their legendary “Wipeout” drummer Ronnie Wilson). Entry is $40 for adults 18 and older, and only $20 for teenagers. Kids 11 and under are free.

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Jeff Beck And Friends At Hollywood Bowl

Jeff BeckLast night Los Angeles was supposed to be in attendance for “Jeff Beck and Friends, a Celebration of 50 years” at The Hollywood Bowl. Instead what was presented was essentially nine different mini-concerts, each one an amazing retrospective of a storied career of not only the headliner, but some pretty substantial acts on their own. I’m talking Jan Hammer, Billy Gibbons, Buddy Guy, Steven Tyler, The Yardbirds, Beth Hart, and one massive history lesson all rolled into one. There were individual sets that were almost by separate groups.

Prior to the show, I had looked up the set list online, and it was supposed to be a show in support of Beck’s latest album Loud Hailer, and that would have been just great. An artist that’s been around for fifty years, out in support of his latest album? I’m in! There has to be a massive amount of respect for an artist with that breadth of material behind him to still be creating and presenting new music (Rolling Stones, are you listening)? Upon arrival at the venue after negotiating our city’s famous gridlock, I was presented with a set list for review. My first reaction was something to the effect of “Wow! This is not what I was expecting, this is really special”. I was reminded by the staff at The Bowl that every night at The Bowl is something special. True that.

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The Final Liquid Kitty Punk Rock BBQ: Summer 2016

Jack Brewer - Saccharine Trust Liquid Kitty PRB (Photo by Elise Thompson)

Jack Brewer – Saccharine Trust Liquid Kitty PRB (Photo by Elise Thompson)

 Photos by Elise Thompson, Jordan Schwartz and Dorian Jones


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Hello Again, Aldebaran: The Long-Awaited Reissue of Judy Henske & Jerry Yester’s 1969 Masterpiece

Few music fans, whether they were alive at the time or not, would dispute that the late 60s were a magical time for LA music. Between The Byrds, Love, Beach Boys, Doors, and countless others, not to mention classic venues and recording studios, there was a staggering amount of great music made here.

And yet, despite all the acknowledged classics, there is also a surprising number of great records made here that for one reason or another were overlooked, underrated, and generally lost in the shuffle. Some still enjoy a considerable reputation with those ‘in the know.’ Farewell Aldebaran, by the then husband-and-wife duo of Judy Henske and Jerry Yester, might be the best example of a record whose greatness has never been properly appreciated. Omnivore Records, with their long-awaited (and well overdue) remaster, is doing their part to make things right, almost 50 years after its initial creation.

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