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The C-word Shouldn’t Mean Being Serious as a Heart Attack, ‘Chemo Barbie’ Returns to the Whitefire

Told that she had a 98% chance of a cure rate, as of December 2017, actress Heather Keller was given a cancer-free diagnosis after a near two-year battle. And she’s so excited, she’ll even show you her breasts! Keller’s Hollywood … Continue reading

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What I Learned from “What I Learned from Porn”

“Hey!  Looking to make some good money?  Care if your current source of income leaves you potentially ridiculed and perhaps even ostracized by your friends and family?  Looking to perform private and undercover acts (while not being quite so covered … Continue reading

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The Fool and The Red Queen – through June 24 at The Lounge Theater

For a play that is presented in a small theater, on a small stage and with a set so minimalist that the three folding chairs in the first act loom like the proverbial ‘gun over the fireplace mantle’, the latest … Continue reading

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