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A Delightful Hot Pot Experience Awaits at True Seasons Organic Kitchen in Anaheim

There is certainly no shortage of shabu shabu and hot pot restaurants in Orange County. However, the most unique—-and by far the healthiest——is True Seasons Organic Kitchen in Anaheim. True Seasons, which just celebrated their first-year anniversary, is helmed by … Continue reading

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We Scope Out the New Haggen Store

One day we looked up to discover our local Albertsons had become a Haggen overnight. With Albertsons and Safeways merging, they needed to sell off some of their stores. According to Supermarket News, 55 California Albertsons and 28 Vons have been acquired by … Continue reading

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The Motherlode: Mamalicious Sweets for May 10 with the New FoodieShares App

This is Your Mother Speaking: Mother’s Day is May 10, and you owe her. Big time. Don’t blow it. Hey—she gave you life, dude. She lugged you around for nine months without complaining (okay, maybe a little complaining). She read … Continue reading

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Locali: Vegan food in Venice

I will often get a text from a friend of mine that says something like, “There is a breakfast sandwich we want to eat in Venice, and then check out a hippy artsy shop, and on our way home we want … Continue reading

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Yum-Yum Gimme Some: New iOS App FOODIE SHARES Launches for West Side

So, what’s your culinary trip, exactly? We’ve all been there: you want to dine as a group, but you’re doing Paleo, he’s (oy) gluten-sensitive, she’s low-sodium vegan, that one’s lactose-intolerant (oy gevalt) and this one is 100% raw—please. Can’t we … Continue reading

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