LA Zoo Gears up for the Beastly Ball with an Asian Elephant Feast

Every year the Greater Los Angeles Zoo Association (GLAZA) holds a magnificent fundraiser known as the Beastly Ball. To gear up for the big event, Glaza holds a press event that is just about as much fun as the fundraiser. Participating chefs prepare feasts for select zoo inhabitants – this year the lucky recipients were Tina and jewel of the new Elephants of Asia habitat.

The restaurants are always creative, but I think they hit a new peak this year. El Cholo’s contribution:

The elephant version of a sub sandwich made with squash, courtesy of Jersey Mike’s

Not only were the elephants treated to “wraps”, but even kabobs, thanks to Momed in Beverly Hills

Yummy Cupcakes didn’t want to leave the elephants out and produced a yummy watermelon cupcake

Tina and Jewel approved.

The humans aren’t left out of the feast, and are served Pink’s hot dogs by the charming Pink sisters.

This year a welcome addition were cupcakes and innovative cupcake treats by local Burbank favorite, Yummy Cupcakes, who went with a festive peanut theme.

After three years of attending these events myself, I am beginning to recognize “the usual crowd”. Besides the Pink sisters, Tom LaBonge, longtime zoo supporter Betty White (Chairman, GLAZA), Connie Morgan (President of GLAZA) and John Lewis, Director of the Los Angeles Zoo.

This year the Beastly Ball, will be held on Saturday, June 18, 2011 at 6pm. Tickets are high-end, but tax-deductable and you have never seen a feast like this in such an amazing environment. You are even able to pet some of the locals who wander the park with their trainers. Priceless.

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