Food Pushers- How To Say NO!

So we’ve all been there right? We’re hanging out at a party, or it’s the holidays, or worse yet it’s a typical weekend visit with family or friends and here they come. Food pushers- “just a bite”, “oh you’re too skinny, you need to eat”, or “I made you your favorite!” You panic, you’ve been good all month, week, or even a day! How do you say “NO” without feeling uncomfortable or hurting someone’s feelings??  Making a change in our eating habits is hard enough and the added pressure of being around food that’s detrimental to our weight loss or life style just makes things that much more difficult. So what do you do?? How do you not succumb to the pressure without being rude?  I’ve learned a few tricks that have helped me dodge these food bullies. Before we go to battle, lets first identify who and what we’re up against.

 Food pushers are:

  • People who ask you if you want something they know isn’t part of your diet plan.
  • People who tell you that you look beautiful the way you are, when you know you’re at an unhealthy weight.
  • People who give you dessert when you don’t ask for it.
  • People who insist you eat something, when you’ve already said no.

I will start with the first and most affective way to turn something down: just say, “no thanks.” Yup- That’s it. Just a simple stern “no” is more often than not enough for someone to back off. This is simply because there is no reason to argue with. The more reasons you give someone the more they have to formulate an argument against your excuse. So dont give them a reason for your “NO”.

Strategy number two. “I just ate,” works well if you’re just stopping by somewhere and some decadent treat is being passed around. If you don’t make it a big deal then the less important it is that you’re not eating.

Strategy number three. “My stomach isn’t feelings it’s best”. This one works particularly well with pushy family.  Everyone is understandable when you’re “sick” and everyone knows that something rich and heavy on a queasy stomach doesn’t sit well. Who wants to be the reason for your vomiting or diarrhea later on? -HA!

Strategy number four. “I’m too full right now but I would love to take some to-go”. This is a great way to enjoy a bite later and ditch the rest in the privacy of your own home!  

There are a lot more ways to go about this than what’s mentioned here but these are some of the best ways that have worked for me. Share with me some of your successful strategies and maybe this holiday season we will all come out with a different new years resolution. You know the one I’m talking about!

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