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Perhaps the greatest progress in the hotel industry in the last 20 years has been with linens. Once after a conference at a Westin, one of my colleagues came home and used up her savings buying the entire Westin Heavenly Rest bedset. I was all for it.

But Heavenly Rest is sold at Nordstroms and only manufactured in white, which means the styles never change. Which means they don’t go on clearance every season. Unlike another brand sold at Macy’s that is even more luxurious.  The Hotel Bedding Collection changes styles every season so you have a great chance of finding sales and snatching clearance items.

The King Heavenly Bed Duvet is $300 at Nordstroms. Right now at Macy’s online, the Meridian Quartz Hotel Collection Duvet Cover is on sale for $249 with another 20% off and free shipping. But I have bought a similar duvet cover on clearance at Macy’s for under $100.

Even better, once those Hotel Collection sheets go off of clearance, they head right for Ross and Marshalls. The 300 count sheet sets are $179 at Macy’s right now, on sale from $300. A savvy shopper can pick up last year’s king sheet set for only $35 at the discount stores when the timing is right. And check out these deals on eBay. I recognize some of the patterns so those are authentic. Sheet sets for 14 bucks! Beware of “no Tags” Pre-owned” or items with similar names, like “Luxury Royal Hotel duvet”.

Of course, you need to give this kind of thing to people you know pretty well — well enough to know their bed size and taste. Family. Why not treat someone you love to pure luxury this year? They never have to know it was so affordable.

The real thing


Not so much. But are those really 800 thread count?

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