DVD Review: The Deep (The Blue Planet)

You can file The Deep under: Things that will creep you out yet fascinate you. Case in point: “This pulsating bell is the head of a colonial jelly that can be 40 meters long — millions of tiny stinging cells drifting through the sea.”

The Blue Planet is a series of BBC documentaries about the wonders of the ocean. Narrated by David Attenborough, the UK version of Morgan Freeman, the films are infused with drama. The cinematography of this 2001 film is stunning; it would be perfect for IMAX. Assisted by the scientific community, the filmakers had access to top-notch technology, allowing them access and film quality never before seen. The bioluminescence is almost mystical. The submersable navigating around undersea volcanoes is straight out of Jules Verne. Still, I don’t think I would want to see some of these creatures in all of their glory 50 feet high.

Especially fascinating amongst them are the super codependent Anglers. The male permanently attaches himself to the female’s belly, where he will live out the remainder of his life, with her blood flowing throughout his body. His only job is to produce sperm. Another remarkable specimen is the prehistoric sixgill sharks that has not changed for 150 million years. But these are not even the most awesome or horrific fish in the deep.

Hatchet fish? Creatures with tubular eyes? The Fangtooth, whose teeth are so big it can’t even close its mouth? The parasite who inspired Alien? If you haven’t seen this BBC special yet, put The Deep in your queue today. Just be prepared. I for one will be having nightmares tonight.

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  1. Donna Lethal Donna Lethal says:

    Wait, so David Attenborough is God? Because I just read that Morgan Freeman’s voice has been “compared to God.” What would Eddie Izzard say?

  2. I believe that’s a faulty syllogism

  3. Gah!! That colonial jelly thing!

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