A Refined Night at Equinox Spa

Last night Elise and I stopped by Equinox Spa to have drink, get braided, and chill! With…

Refine Mixers, who featured two cocktails:

A luscious Honey Tangerine Margarita and super fresh Kiwi Cosmopolitan…


blo Bar, who held a braid bar and came up with great creations. (Our Editrix Elise took the cake with best creation of the evening, with Jeremy from blo Bar’s stunning ‘do!) Note: they’re from the West Hollywood location, and they’ll be seeing us soon.

Blogger Jamie Stone from Queen of The Quarter Life Crisis hosted the event.

Guests enjoyed chair massages and got a great gift bag to take home that included Drink Wel- the multivitamin for people who drink! (And great even if you don’t!)

Equinox members stopped in between and after workouts for some low cal cocktails.
No guilt here-they are all under 100 calories and as Elise can vouch for, “don’t taste like an awful diet drink. Fresh and delicious!”

About Refine Mixers
refineTM mixers was founded by Bay Area native, Patrick Castles, a former college athlete and supporter of the natural food movement. Patrick always had a passion for staying healthy and eating right, so it didn’t come as much of a surprise when he began directing his energy towards the food and beverage industry. In noticing the abundance of Aspartame-based diet sodas and high calorie mixers that were being consumed by him and his friends, Patrick was inspired to create a drastic change in the beverage industry. His mission: to create zero-calorie cocktail mixers that maintains all-natural integrity.

We felt so good, we just had to go into H&M on the way to the car…oops.

Photos: Elise Thompson/Donna Valle, Live.Loyal.PR (a great big thank you!)

Donna Lethal

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