Sk8wars pre-party

in front of the Originators store making art In what promoters are promising to be the beginning of a new genre of sports competition in Los Angeles, Skaters are getting excited for next weekend’s SK8 Wars Urban Battles AM Tour.

Last night I went to a cool place called The Originators to a pre-party for the upcoming skate event.  I was told “This pre-party is expected to have swagger as inner city skateboarders know how to thrill” and really; as long as you know you are going to have a bunch of enthusiastic skaters around you can be confident in making that kind of statement.


Any place that encourages skating on their sidewalk and an ice cream truck that also carries emergency bearings and other skate supplies is O.K. by me!

Cali Pop ice cream truckI’m never disappointed as far as skaters are concerned. As long as they’ve got their boards in hand, skaters are ready to create. The camaraderie that is present in this sport makes it more of a social art form than a competition.

Tyson's Airwalk In the early evening, skaters were sessioning the front of the store and then moved to the alley to play  SKATE (it’s like HORSE in Basketball)  until long after the batteries in my flash let me down.

The Originators store is a cool place to check out with lots of cool graphic T-shirts.

I like  P-Wizzle wearing Skate shoes (instead of the “Big Shoes” $30.00)

  Cool T-Shirts

The Originators: 7600 Melrose West Hollywood, CA. 90046

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