This Sunday March 25 – LA Beat Presents At The Redwood Bar & Grill!

Biblical Proof Of UFOs' Ian, Mike and Ray whooping it up big time at Spaceland, 2007. Photo by Bob Lee.

Time again for another free Sunday afternoon all-ages show courtesy of your friends at the Los Angeles Beat. This Sunday March 25, we’ll be holding court with your favorite beat contributors and three mind-expanding bands at the Redwood.

For the fourteen years since their migration from Cleveland, Biblical Proof of UFOs (5 pm) have been one of LA’s best-kept secrets, a truly original collision of drone and power with a monster rhythm section. The band’s 2004 epic Interstellar Messages, the culmination of their first four years in LA, remains one of the most criminally overlooked masterpieces of heavy rock ever produced. Its current lineup is less concerned with that album’s pop tendencies, with a preference for spacy-yet-driving road anthems with massive dynamics, somewhat reminiscent of Slint. Consider them as highly recommended as possible.

We’re giving the early afternoon stage to the Leaking Pigs (4PM), revealed on Youtube to be a pretty promising psycho-blues-punk combo. Singer/ guitarist Wolf Woodcock is local legend Lightnin’ Woodcock’s son, and already a teenaged veteran, having started his first band at ten. Practice evidently does make perfect, because he’s already playing with the confidence and style of a lifer. Punk, a new way: you heard it here first.

Heavy neo-classicist rock trio Backbiter, fresh off their twentieth anniversary celebration, will be closing it out at 6 pm. I don’t want to say too much about since I’m the drummer in it, but I can promise you we will try hard.

An early note for those of you who have been setting your calendars for the fourth Sunday of every month (as well you should) – next month’s installment will come a week early, on April 21. We just got the thumbs-up from Third Grade Teacher with other acts to be announced soon.

Please come out for an afternoon of fine local music at a recession-proof price of zero, and bring your whole family.

The Los Angeles Beat Presents at the Redwood Bar and Grill, 316 W. 2nd St, Downtown LA. Sunday March 25 from 4pm to 7pm. Free admission, all ages, full bar with ID.


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