Chili and Cornbread with ‘The Dude’

This is one of many different recipes I have for chili…It is semi-healthy and it’s very tasty man… Most folks can handle it..Check it out..

“Tainted” Turkey Chili

1 28 oz. can diced tomatoes

1 28 oz. can black beans

1 40 oz. can pinto beans

1 stick/tube beef chorizo (the tainted ingredient)

1 1/2 lbs. ground turkey

1 serrano chili seeded and diced

1 jalapeno chili seeded and diced

1 1/2 Sam Adams beers

1 tsp. seasond salt

2 tsp. chili powder

3-4 bay leaf

1 pkg. Trader Joes baby hierloom tomatoes (cut in half)

4-6 hot yellow chillis(in brine)

1 1/2 each of: roasted carrot, yellow squash, onion (sliced)

1 red onion, diced

In a large stock-pot add: Chorizo, Turkey, heirloom tomatoes,and roasted veggies on med-high heat. Brown the meats and veggies approx. 10 min. Add all remaining ingredientsand bring to boil. reduce heat and simmer 3-4 hrs. or untill thickened to desired consistancy.

Serve w/cheesey jalapeno cornbread, sour cream, and diced red onion..’The Dude’ loves this one so I really hope you abide and get in to the creation of it as I do and please…Have a beverage near by…Abide..


Ok..Soooo While you’ve got 3-4 hrs. to look at and stir your chili.. ‘The Dude’s’ rule of thumb applies here (If you don’t have the time, commit the crime)

1 pkg. Jiffy cornbread mix (Do from scratch if you feel inspired, but this works really well and I have never had a complaint)

2 jalapenos, seeded, diced

1/2-2/3 lbs. shredded sharp cheddar cheese

2 Tbsp. sour cream

Combine and mix all ingredients in lrg. mixing bowl, add to baking pan ( 8″x8″ or..?), bake as directed or untill desired. Eat it’s flippin’ good..!! ‘The Dude’ will never do you wrong man..And please..Make sure you have a beverage near by at all times..Let’s rock..!!

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