Movie Review: Dark Shadows

I had an opportunity to preview the new film by Tim Burton this week and was truly pleased with the results…Camera work, scenery, and cinematography were all very well done and it really sets the stage to bring the spooky comedy to life. Already receiving accolades from mainstream press, this story jumps from the screen and right into your lap. The J. Depp/Burton relationship is a well oiled machine and the Barnabus portrayal is effortless and spot on for this campy version of The Dark Shadows saga. Humor light and dark is rampant but blends seemlessly with the serious undertone of the storyline..H.Bonham Carter is hilarious, and M. Pfeiffer is a knockout as always. The period soundtrack is good retro-fun and the guest musician appearance caps off this creepy spooky comedy in epic Burton nightmare flair..Go and see it…’The Dude’ abides man…

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