Beefeater’s Gin-Tastic Olympics Party

The Aqualillies in performance. Photo by Erik Neidner courtesy of the Supper Club.

Beefeater Gin, in association with the Supper Club,  hosted a pre-Olympic opening soiree in celebration of its new Beefeater 24 line of spirits. Guests at the Simon House in Beverly Hills were treated to a series of in-pool performances by the sync-swimmers of the Aqualillies, an assortment of pub-themed goodies from Chef Ralph Johnson of the Pikey, and a generous selection of cocktails intended to show off the 24’s tea-derived botanicals.

Fragrant, smooth and distinctly English, the 24 proved to be a fine mixer in all of the featured drinks. The High Jump, based around a homemade strawberry soda, was perfectly refreshing, and a champagne cocktail known as the Royal Britannia was a surprising success.

Johnson’s most memorable offering was an appetizer of “bacon and quail egg”, a short-rib sized slab of pork belly with an over-medium quail egg on top, a smoky, velvety moment to remember, which perfectly paired with the tea flavors in the gin. A riff on the classic So Cal canape, a smear of mushy peas and creme fraiche on a crostini, was fresh-tasting and delicate, while a smoked tomato soup, served cold, felt like pub food raised to perfection.

We’ll go ahead and root for England to win all the medals in the contest if it means more parties like this.

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  1. That High Jump sounds great!

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