Super Simple Salsa and Late Nite Tostadas w/’The Dude’…

There are times when we all need somthing special, quick, and of quality. ‘The Dude’ respects this to a high degree and I am willing to share this with you all..When it’s late and time for working with what you’ve got, this one works…It takes about 15 min. if you’ve got the basics, and usually we all do… ‘The Dude’ abides man…
1/4 head of cabbage or lettuce,or ? (equal to) Diced.
2-3 slices onion, diced.
1 jalapeno or serrano, seeded and diced.
1/2 lemon, juiced.
1/2 lime, juiced.
salt and pepper to taste.
The Topper: Fish,shrimp,scallops, beef, chicken, pork, egg, etc.. Season accordingly, add olive oil drizzle, let sit for 5-10 min..
Dice cabbage(or?), onion, jalapeno(or?)..Combine in medium work bowl
 and add salt, pepper and citrus juices..Mix well.
My dish is done with Snapper(fish) but anything can be used (Beef, chicken, pork, egg, etc.)
Season(season salt,pepper, granulated garlic,onion, paprika, what ever you’ve got) and sear or fry.
Tortillas: Use what you have, I prefer corn but flour is fine..Two methods..One: in the same frypan add a bit of oil or butter med-high heat and flip constantly (If you need more oil or butter for multiples than add as you go). remove to a plate and cover with another till done for service.  2: Dry method: Put your stove burnner on med-high and flip tortillas untill desired degree of done-ness.. You really can’t go wrong with this…
Cut lemons and limes for service and garnish, and serve with your favorite hot sauce..Please watch for “The Dude likes it hot” as we review hot sauces and salsas that are bottled and served/sold around the globe..Let’s rock..!! ‘The Dude’ abides…

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