Robby Krieger and His Jazz Kitchen at The Good Hurt

Hey.. This is ‘The Dude’ here, and I saw an amazing show at a local place you should all know about..It’s called  ‘The Good Hurt’ on Venice blvd. a few doors east of Centinela..If you don’t know about it you should. Many good bands play there with diverse styles and everyone I’ve met is very cool.. I had the chance to go see Robby Krieger and his ‘Jazz Kitchen’. It really blew my mind and the walls were shaking. These guys killed it! All seasoned veterans of music, these guys came together and put on a perfomance that was not of this world. Jazz, blues, and rock fusion blended into a mix that captivates and takes you on a journey. Peaceful, soulful, and powerful with the instruments they sooo truly love. These guys created a tapestry of sound that shows a person what can happen and how to flow with tones and vibes that travel far from the gravity we normaly share as a reality here on earth. Robby was kind enough to give me a CD to listen to so I could go deeper, and I did. ‘The Dude’ says  “See them live if you can…!!” The studio/cd version rocks my soul, but the energy of the live, and the way these guys can step out of bounds, keep together, and come back in was a key factor fo me. The best way I can describe it is: A tight framework with beautiful, loosely woven threads that blend in and out of each other to display a masterwork of, well soundalisciousness…Is that a word ?? If not then ‘The Dude’ just created one. Go…See for yourselves. Check the internet for the continuing schedule. Robby’s album is ‘Singularity’ He’s a busy guy and has lots going on. Good stuff, Google this beautiful guy and find some true L.A. magic… This ‘Dude’ abides…

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