The Mating Album Covers Series – Part 1

LA Beat readers, we are pleased and proud to present the original art from a handful of highly creative photoshoppers within the ranks of the Black Cat Bone music forum. BCB contributor Kath had gotten the whole thing started with a series of Facebook posts, which ended up being copied on BCB and inspiring a rash of competitors, including one poster of unusual vision and skill skill known as Phenomenal Cat. The two engaged in a furious back-and-forth over the past month, which has produced some truly stunning collages. We’re excited to present these art works in what we hope will be a continuing series. Here, by permission, are our top forty picks from the inspiring work of Kath and Phenomenal Cat.

Click on any image below to view full-size in a scrollable gallery.

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4 Responses to The Mating Album Covers Series – Part 1

  1. Martha B. says:

    Awesome! Having them assembled all together here like this is a thing of rare beauty!

  2. Bryan says:

    Fabulous stuff Bob. This thing deserves a bigger audience. Feel free to publish any of the ones I made if you’re planning a follow up.

    I’m particularly fond of the ELO / MMT one. “If only we cold make a reocrd half as good as this”. You can’t. At least, not with that horrible drum sound.

  3. Lori Nyx says:


  4. WG Kaspar says:


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