Beat Recommends: Redd Kross and the Melvins NYE

Jeff McDonald at the Greek Theater. Photo by Elise Thompson.

Tonight, it’s a fancy pants New Year’s Eve party with veteran purveyors of old-timey sounds Redd Kross and the Melvins. On the surface it seems like an unusual pairing, with Redd Kross’ shiny pop pearls in danger of being crushed by the Melvins’ fearsome aural attack, but it sounds like fun to us. RK were always a welcome addition on bills with acts like Sonic Youth, Butthole Surfers and Saccharine Trust, able to match the noisiest punkers’ energy level point for point while casing it in the kind of sunny melodies and sugary choruses that are impossible for Angelenos to dislike. I don’t think I’ve ever been to a gig at the Alexandria, but heading into another year, why not be a little adventurous?

Spaceland, Blundertown, and KROQ present New Year’s Eve Ballroom Blitz with Redd Kross & The Melvins at 8:00 pm at The Alexandria $60.00 – $65.00. Plus DJs and a cash bar, 21and over, black tie preferred. 501 South Spring Street, Los Angeles Ca, 90013


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